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Infinitely economical: ecospeed & ecospeedPRO

Ecospeed is an infinitely variable and hydrostatic high speed transmission that was co-developed by Kramer. It offers maximum efficiency in combination with the best possible environmental compatibility. Ecospeed "thinks" and optimises the interplay of driving performance, traction, fuel consumption and emissions every second.
Ecospeed translates the situational requirements into quick and direct accelerations and into gentle and smooth changes of direction. This provides for particularly high material handling performance with simultaneous resource conservation. A big plus for applications that occur day after day when loading and unloading lorries and also a gain in comfort and time that pays for itself from the beginning.

The Kramer Ecospeed transmission

The ideal translation of the requirements of today into the practice of tomorrow:

  • Variable from 0 to 40 km/h
  • Minimised fuel consumption
  • Low noise emissions


Für unsere größeren Maschinen haben wir das ecospeed Getriebe weiter entwickelt. Das ecospeedPRO Getriebe erreicht höhere Zugkräfte und Fahrgeschwindigkeiten und zwar unter Beibehaltung aller Vorteile des ecospeed Getriebes in Bezug auf Kompaktheit, Energieeffizienz und Bedienerkomfort. Die Zug- und Schubkrafterhöhung wird durch eine größere Bauart und somit ein um 39 % größeres Schluckvolumen des Verstellmotors (370 cm³) realisiert. Im ecospeedPRO Fahrantrieb ist serienmäßig die intelligente Motor-Drehzahlreduzierung „Smart Driving“ integriert.



Ecospeed - The drive for more efficiency

  • Maximum shear force and tractive force in all driving and working situations
  • Self-propelled unit when used on nearby construction sites. Expensive machine transport to the site of operation is not required
  • Reduction of the fuel consumption
  • Reduced noise emissions from working in the optimal characteristic range of the diesel engine
  • Easy hill starts, even with a heavy load

Ecospeed - The drive for more comfort and safety

  • Sensitive control of the machine
  • Variable drive, no shifting required
  • Speed control from 0 - 40 km/h that is completely jolt and shock-free
  • Intelligent technology for maximum safety: the maximum speed can only be achieved in front steer only mode
  • Automatic braking when going downhill, thereby protecting the drive system from over-revving
  • Safety through simple travel direction selection on the joystick
  • Simple handling, no risk of operation errors
  • Perfect manoeuvrability, in particular when reversing, accelerating and braking