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Electric wheel loader 5055e wins technology award in Sweden

As of now, Kramer is offering a fully electric wheel loader to its customers. Following the bauma Innovation Award 2016, it has now been awarded with the “Maskinentreprenörens Teknikpris 2017”. The 5055e offers zero emissions, excellent performance and off-road capability, plus low service costs.

Electric wheel loader 5055e wins technology award in Sweden

The first 5055e machines have already been delivered to customers and are in operation

The jury agreed that it is an outstanding achievement not only to present a pure concept study, but also to have and already deliver a functioning marketable electric wheel loader in the product portfolio. In addition, according to the “Maskinentreprenörens” magazine, you do not have to make any compromises with the 5055e, as the vehicle is on a par with a diesel-powered wheel loader. At the same time, users are taking responsibility for their environment by using an emission-free wheel loader with low noise levels.

“We are very pleased to have received the ‘Maskinentreprenörens Teknikpris 2017’ for the 5055e. This award recognises the entire development work and at the same time demonstrates the practical nature of our machine. End users and the environment are protected, thanks to the machine’s emissions-free operation and exceptional low noise levels – all without any compromise in performance. We are confident that the electric wheel loader 5055e will make an important contribution to increasing our customers’ efficiency, whilst also conserving resources,” says Karl Friedrich Hauri, spokesman for the management.

In the size class of 0.55 m³ bucket capacity, by creating the 5055e wheel loader Kramer’s is producing the first fully electric wheel loader on the market. The performance parameters, off-road capability and operating comfort are equal to the conventional model. Kramer emphasises the co-ordination of parts and components to allow precise operation. To achieve this, two electric motors are used: one for the work hydraulics and one for the drive. Depending on the application, power is automatically provided by the respective engine, which helps to minimise energy consumption. The electric motor is powered using reliable lead-acid accumulators or lead-fleece accumulators. Depending on the area of application and utilisation of the wheel loader, a single charge lasts up to five hours of operation. The charge time of the machine is between six and eight hours, depending on the option.