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EquipCare All information at a glance

EquipCare - Networking your machines What is EquipCare?

The heart of EquipCare is a Telematics module that, in addition to locating the machine, also makes it possible to send additional machine information. Error codes, engine speed or oil temperature are saved together with location data and sent lightning fast to your phone or to your computer. Network only one machine or your entire fleet.

The advantages of EquipCare at a glance:

Always a step ahead, because EquipCare provides data, facts and answers to questions: Where is my machine right now, when is maintenance due and when does it make economic sense to replace wear parts? This helps you to avoid downtime and to extend the service life of your machine.

✓ Location determination
Thanks to EquipCare, we always know where your machine is located currently. If the machine leaves a previously defined geo-zone, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

✓ Transparency
Keep track of your machine over its entire life cycle. All events are shown here in detail – from the error message to the maintenance performed.

✓ Increase in efficiency
If a machine does fail, the technician can read out the error codes and carry out an initial remote diagnosis before he is even on site. You can also upload images. In this way, spare parts can be ordered to fit, which saves valuable time.

✓ Optimise utilisation
Unnecessary downtime is avoided and the operating duration is precisely recorded.

✓ Increase running times
Thanks to the proactive communication of your machine, you are informed in due time when the next maintenance interval is due.

The EquipCare app Everything in view – even while on the go

  • The most important notifications conveniently on your smartphone. The notifications are sorted by urgency so that you or your service partner can react quickly. 
  • All events are shown here in an overview, from the error message to the maintenance performed.
  • It is also possible to upload images so that a better remote diagnosis is possible.
  • Conveniently locate your machines so that you always know where your machine is located. 

The EquipCare Manager Supplies data, facts and answers

  • Keep an eye on error messages, alarms and pending maintenance. 
  • View the statistics of your machines and optimise your schedules.


Download the EquipCare flyer for additional information.