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Why separate what belongs together?

Kramer - A unique system

The Kramer brand stands for all-wheel steer loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telescopic loaders with extreme manoeuvrability, off-road capability and high efficiency. Thanks to the proven undivided chassis, Kramer wheel loaders are ultra stable in all conditions. Due to this special vehicle construction, there is no shift in the center of gravity due to steering movements. On the basis of this steering, only the wheels move during steering. Thus, maximum payload and high stability is maintained even on full lock, and on uneven ground.

High stability


Undivided chassis for high stability ...

Our wheel loaders are constructed with an undivided frame which prevents changes in center of gravity, even when on full steering lock. The vehicles are therefore extremely stable and safe in operation, even when the going gets tough. A high degree of stability - even in rough ground conditions.

…without shifting the center of gravity

Enormous manoeuvrability

Turning in one go with all-wheel steering …

The all-wheel steering and a steering lock of 40 degrees front and back allow a high degree of manoeuvrability. Thus, many steering manoeuvres can be eliminated and travel and cycle times shortened.

… instead of time-wasting Manoeuvring with articulated joint

Constant payload

Constant lever ratios

The undivided chassis prevents the distance between the counterweight and the loader unit from changing. And the result: Constant lever ratios that make working in all load situations safe. The payload remains the same regardless of the steering angle.

... for constant payload