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Fully hydraulic quick change plate “Smart Attach” More productivity and safety

The advantages of Smart Attach at a glance

  • Seconds faster attachment change* without manual coupling process for hoses for hydraulic attachments.
    2.5 min x 10 coupling processes per day x 220 working days x 30 €/hr = 2,750 € per year 
    Example calculation: savings per year with Smart Attach (2.5 min = time-save per attachment change when compared with the standard Kramer quickhitch system “Standard”)

  • High functional safety Problem-free coupling of attachments, which have got warm in the sun and are under severe pressure.

  • Environmental protection thanks to the prevention of oil leaks when coupling hydraulic attachments.

  • EC declaration of conformity for the machine and attachments.

  • Consistent performance values for load-over, stacking and dumping heights as well as stacking payload and bucket tipping load.

  • Easy operation Hydraulic attachments are comfortably and safely coupled from the cabin without needing to enter and exit.

Kramer quickhitch systems Fully compatible both attachments and quickhitch systems.

For more productivity, efficiency and safety, Kramer offers two different quickhitch systems for the respective application. Since 1963, the Kramer quickhitch plate has been a part of the standard equipment for our wheel and telescopic wheel loaders, and to date has been one of the best and most effective systems. Widespread approval forms the basis for further development, which has now resulted in the fully hydraulic quickhitch system Smart Attach. The dimensions of both quickhitch systems are identical, so existing attachments can continue to be used. Even the hydraulic attachments to date can be equipped with the new Smart Attach system.

Attachment StandardAttachment with Smart Attach
quick-hitch plate Standard
quick-hitch plate with Smart Attach

Kramer quickhitch system “Smart Attach”

Smart Attach is a hydraulic quickhitch system developed by Kramer, which is combined with an automatic coupler system. Manual plugging of hydraulic hoses is not required and the operator no longer needs to leave the machine. Operation is as follows directly from the cab using the joystick.

Kramer quickhitch system “Standard”

With the hydraulic quickhitch system, the switching of tools can be easily executed from the cab. The lock pin is closed by using the touch slide on the joystick. When changing the attachments with the hydraulic auxiliary function, it is necessary for the operator to exit to manually couple the hoses.

The most important information about Smart Attach explained in the video

Smart Attach is currently available for the models: