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Everything under control even in the overload range Smart Handling
Everything under control even in the overload range Smart Handling

Smart Handling

Maximum payload, fully extended loading system, engine speed at the detent – the Smart Handling overload system has everything under control in any work situation. It makes sure that loads do not enter the overload range – and prevents the machine from tipping over in the longitudinal direction.

In order to precisely position the load, even at the limit range of overloading, Smart Handling can be briefly bypassed using a two-hand operation. After a maximum of 60 seconds, the overload limitation automatically switches back on.

Learn about the three modes of operation:

  • Bucket mode
  • Stacking mode
  • Manual mode

Simply choose Smart Handling: you can change modes via the three-stage selector switch (right). To bypass Smart Handling, the push-button (left) must be continuously pressed down.

Smart Handling – bucket mode

  • When lowering the loading system, it is always automatically retracted.
  • During this lowering motion, the machine itself never reaches the overload range, even at maximum payload.

Smart Handling – stacking mode

  • When lifting and lowering the loading system, the telescopic arm automatically moves in a vertical line and automatically telescopes out.
  • The load's centre of gravity does not move in the process and the machine remains in the safe area.
  • This makes fast stacking possible at great heights.

Smart Handling – Manual mode

  • When lowering the boom, the telescopic arm is not automatically retracted.
  • If the overload limit is reached, the lowering movement stops - it is now only possible to lift, retract or dump the material.
  • The lowering speed increases with a decreasing angle.