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The 8-series: Performance redefined Wheel loaders and tele-wheel loaders

The Kramer 8 series of wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders are setting new standards in terms of technology, performance and comfort. As well as their high levels of stability, the 8 series features a constant payload at any steering angle, plus a powerful engine. It’s especially spacious panoramic cabin (2.3 m³) ensures superior driver comfort and excellent all-round visibility.

Externally sturdy. Internally intelligent.

Comfort cab with an entry from both sides as well as extensive glazing for the best all-round visibility and fatigue-free working. The cab comfort is completed with a flexible steering wheel and seat adjustment as well as their ergonomic design. Both contribute to a fatigue-free working over many hours.

Powerful motor. Reduced consumption.

With the engines from Kramer wheel loaders and tele-wheel loaders you are well prepared for the strict exhaust emission standards of the future. The 8-series engines comply with the current exhaust emission standards IV and V. The wheel loaders are equipped as standard with 55 kW and with diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) - this enables reliable operation in any situation (exhaust emission level V).

In addition, the new engines deliver full power despite low revs and a high increase in torque. For the larger models, we offer an optional 74 kW (100 PS) engine with DOC and SCR technology (exhaust stage IV). SCR (selective catalytic reduction) significantly reduces the proportion of nitrogen oxides. 

The 8155/8155L wheel loader is powered by a 100 kW Deutz TCD 3.6 engine with exhaust stage IV emissions. Exhaust aftertreatment is performed by DOC and SCR (optional DPF). The even more powerful Deutz TCD 4.1 with 115 kW is also available as an option. Exhaust aftertreatment using DOC, DPF and SCR is standard here. 

Tractor approval is a plus point.

The trailer coupling in conjunction with a tractor approval (both optional) makes every wheel loader and telescopic wheel loader the perfect towing vehicle. In this way, you can transport work machines, tools, building materials and attachments on site – even on public roads. This saves you valuable time and therefore also costs.

More possibilities.

  • Height-adjustable trailer coupling
  • Up to 14 ton trailer load*
  • Thanks to the new 9 t wheel loader, attachment loads of up to 20 t are possible*
  • EU-wide tractor approval for use on public roads

* The regulations and laws of the relevant countries and regions are to be met.

Ideal for a wide range of applications: The height of the trailer coupling can be adjusted.

Sensitive control. Tackle jobs powerfully.

The work hydraulics and drive system are optimally coordinated with each other. Powerflow was designed and developed for special attachments with an increased power requirement, such as mulchers or snow blower protection. Powerflow is optionally available and offers extra power potential.

Top performance of the work hydraulics:

  • Convenient operation of attachments, even with 2 hydraulically activated functions, via the joystick 
  • More power to the drive system from hydraulically activated attachments through Powerflow 
  • Tried and tested hydraulic quickhitch plate with pressure release lever in the 3rd control circuit (optional) 
  • Hydraulic oil cooler for long-time application during power operation

Quick on the road. Precise application.

A powerful drive system plus sophisticated safety and comfort functions — with this combination, Kramer wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders score when on the move. Variable high speed gearboxes also developed by Kramer provide particularly reliable services here: ecospeed and ecospeedPRO (optional). Via an electronic control module, the transmission is automatically adapted to the respective load condition of the machine. So you can always rely on maximum pushing power, even with a simultaneously lower engine speed. For variable accelerations from 0 to 40 km/h.

Top performance of the drive system.

  • Maximum shear force and tractive force in all driving and working situations
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Low noise emissions of the diesel engine
  • Constant Speed Drive (CSD) with memory function
  • 100 % connectible differential lock for constant maximum traction 

A variety of tasks. Always the right attachments.

Make your wheel loader and telescopic wheel loader into a useful all-rounder year-round: with our wide diversified range of attachments. This is not only practical, but also economical.

Front attachments:  

Pallet fork 
Standard bucket 
Light materials bucket 
Super light materials bucket 
Material slide 
High tip bucket 
Branch and hedge cutters 
Rotary sweeper 
Stabiliser mulcher 
Front-attachment mulcher 
snowblower protection

Rear attachments:  

Unbraked trailer
Overrun braked trailer
Compressed air brake trailer
Electric salt spreader                                          

Hydraulic salt spreader
Tipper hydraulics                                             


The wheel and tele wheel loaders of the 8-series for the construction industry

The wheel and tele wheel loaders of the 8-series for agriculture