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KT559 Options


  • Rotating beacon (yellow)
  • 1 extra front working light, 1 extra rear working light
  • 2 working lights laterally on boom (outer section)
  • All-round illumination (7 additional working lights – 1 x at front, 1 x at rear, 1 x on the left, 2 x on the right, 2 x on the outside boom section)
  • All-round illumination (8 LED working lights) - Omission of standard working lights
  • Rear additional lighting
  • Air suspension comfort seat
  • Heated seat
  • Heated cabin windows on the right and at the rear
  • Wipe/wash system for right window
  • Electrically adjustable outside mirror (right side) with heating and automatic cutoff
  • Rearview mirror for trailer coupling
  • Mirror for trailer coupling hitch
  • Air conditioning
  • Storage bin with ventilation (cooled if machine equipped with air conditioning)
  • Mounting/wiring for radio installation (aerial, loudspeakers)
  • Radio system (radio, aerial, loudspeakers)
  • Charcoal filter for cabin air
  • Front right camera
  • Reversing camera
  • Camera view to the front right plus rear-view camera

Travelling drive/ steering system

  • Ecospeed plus 40 km/h, including Smart Driving (throttle to 20 km/h possible ex works)
  • Ecospeed plus 30 km/h, including Smart Driving (throttle to 20 km/h possible ex works)
  • Ecospeed plus 40 km/h four-wheel cutoff, including Smart Driving 
  • Low-speed control and manual throttle

StVZO (German road traffic regulations) Equipment

  • EC Certificate of Conformity for tractors (2003/37EC – category T1)
  • 7-pole power outlet for rear attachments


  • Vacuum-operated preliminary separator
  • Reversing fan motor
  • Engine, fuel, hydraulic oil preheating (230 V)

Hydraulic system

  • Load stabiliser (vibration damper)
  • Front hydraulic control circuit (electric changeover)
  • Tipping trailer connection and levelling
  • Tilt ram lock
  • Pressure relief of 3rd control circuit on quickhitch
  • Automatic bucket reverse valve (SRA), including tilt cylinder shaking function
  • Front attachment socket 4p

Electrical system

  • 4-pole socket for front attachments
  • 7-pole power outlet for rear attachments

Safety Options

  • Backup warning system (acoustic)
  • Protective grating for front window, removable (not licensed for use on public roads)
  • Drive interlock integrated in starter key
  • Protective underbody panels
  • Power train cover
  • Fire extinguisher (2 kg)
  • Telescopic boom dirt scraper

Other  options

  • Single-colour custom-made paint finish as per RAL (grey parts are not included)
  • Central lubrication system (fully automatic)
  • Telematic 12 months - 72 months