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KT559 Technical specifications

Operating data 

Payload bei max. Reichweite 2,200 kg
Max. payload (LC 500mm) 5,500 kg
Max. stack height  8,750 mm
Payload at max. stack height  1,300 kg
Stack height at max. payload  6,400 mm
Reach at max. payload  2,400 mm
Max. reach  4,790 mm
Turning radius over tyres  4,415 mm
Operating weight (max.) 11,500 kg
Bucket capacity  1.2 m³

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor manufacturer  Deutz
Type / Model  TCD 4.1 / L4
Engine performance  115 kW
Emission standards stage   IV
Exhaust aftertreatment system  DOC+DPF+SCR

Power transmission  

Traction drive  ecospeedPRO
Travel speed (Serie) 40 km/h
Driving speed (option)  20 km/h
Travel speed (Option) 30 km/h
Differential lock  100% in the front axle
Standard tires  460/70-24

Operating hydraulics 

Duty pump  Load-Sensing axial piston pump
Max. pump discharge capacity   187 l/min
Max. pump pressure   260 bar


Total swing angle of tool carrier  152 °

Filling capacities 

Fuel tank  180 l
DEF tank  12 l
Hydraulic oil tank  100 l

Sound emission 

Measured value  105 dB(A)
Guaranteed value  106 dB(A)
Noise level at the driver’s ear  78 dB(A)


Total vibrations value of the upper body extremities  < 2,5 m/s²
Highest effective value of weighted acceleration for the body  < 0,5 m/s²

All statements without guarantee.
Payload at max. lift height: with hydraulicleveling
Stacking height at max. payload: with hydraulicleveling
Sound emission: The measurement occursaccording to the requirements of the EN 1459 standard and the 2000/14/ECdirective. Measuring area: asphalted surface
Vibrations: Uncertainty of measurement asspecified in ISO/TR 25398:2006. Please instruct or inform the operator ofpossible hazards from vibrations.
Vibrations: Total vibrations value of the upperbody extremities: on level and secure ground driving appropriately
Vibrations: Highest effective value of weightedacceleration for the body: use in extraction under harsh environmentalconditions

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