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  • Cabine
    • Rotating beacon (yellow)
    • Rotating LED beacon (yellow)
    • Cabin with heating
    • Cabin with heating and rear window heating
    • Two front working lights
    • Document box (only available with Cabin)
    • Air-suspended, comfort driver's seat with lumbar support (only available with Cabin)
    • Comfort operator seat with material cover and high backrest
  • Travelling drive / steering system
    • Tractive power increase
    • Load stabilizer
    • Automatic trailer coupling
    • Ball coupling
    • 100% differential lock
    • Low-speed control and manual throttle
  • StVZO equipment
    • Numberplate light incl. front numberplate bracket
  • Engine
    • Engine with higher output (Yanmar 27 kW/ 37hp)
  • Hydraulics
    • 3rd control circuit, electrically activated (s/w)
    • Float position
    • Single- Action additional control circuit for front and rear attachments
    • Powerflow high-performance hydraulics, incl. leak-oil line and unpressurized return
    • Powerflow high-performance hydraulics, incl. leak-oil line and unpressurised return; switchable
      to single-acting auxiliary control circuit for rear-mounted accessories
    • Hydraulic system filled with biodegradable hydraulic oil; PANOLIN Synt46
    • Enginge oil and hydraulic oil preheating (230 V) 
  • Electrical system
    • 4-pole socket for front attachments
    • 7-pole power outlet for rear attachments
    • Quick fastening earth strap
  • Safety options
    • Hose burst valve for lift and tilt rams
    • Backup warning system (acoustic)
    • Red/white warning stripes (according to DIN 30710)
    • Drive interlock integrated in starter key
    • Protective underbody panels
    • Fire extinguisher (2 kg)
    • Tyre puncture protection kit
    • Protective measures for operation in aggressive environment (salt or fertilizer applications)
    • V-belt protection
  • Other
    • Special one-colour paint coating as per RAL instead of yellow
    • Tool set