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KL18.5 - Minimum weight and max. power output

NEW: The new all wheel steer loader in the 2.6 tonne class
The KL18.5 impresses with a special sophistication: Additional weights, called “Smart Ballast” at Kramer, which can easily and unobtrusively be attached to the rear of the machine, make it possible to adjust the weight and therefore the tipping load. It is easy to transport on a 3.5 tonne trailer by removing the weights.
  • The Smart Ballast weights in total weigh 100 kg. Each of the eight weights weighs a portable 12.5 kg
  • Easy trailer transport due to low weight: Because transport on a 3.5 tonne trailer is possible without Smart Ballast.
  • Smart Ballast increases the tipping load for even more efficiency on the farm
  • Application areas: The variety of suitable attachments make the wheel loader into a true multi-talent
  • Environmentally friendly engine technology: 35 kW engine with exhaust emission level V, as well as DOC and DPF
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