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Kramer offers a versatile portfolio of compact machines Whether compact wheel loader, telescopic wheel loader or telehandler - Kramer has compact machines to offer in every product segment

Due to the typical vehicle structure of Kramer - the undivided frame, there is no shift in the centre of gravity due to steering movements. Only the wheels move when steering due to the Ackermann steering. Thus, high stability is given even with a tight turning circle, on uneven ground conditions and with maximum payloads.

The compact machines by Kramer have a further advantage in addition to the design principle: due to the compact dimensions and the low shipping weight, the machines can be transported on 3.5 ton trailers and trucks with up to 7.5 tons. With the new toll regulation from 2019, this holds enormous savings potential.

The compact wheel loader 5035

Compact wheel loaders are also based on this design principle and there are some advantages. For example, Kramer 5035, which was formerly known as “350”, is a true all-rounder. The 5035 has a clearance height of less than 2 meters so that working in underground car parks, for example, is not a problem. Due to its width of just 1.20 meters, you can also drive on foot paths with it or transport it on a 2.5 tonne trailer due to its low shipping weight. Optionally, the wheel loader can be equipped with a 27 kilowatt engine and tractive force increase, so that even increased power requirements can be covered effortlessly.

The two largest models of the compact wheel loader: 5055 and 5065

The two largest models of the compact wheel loader, 5055 and 5065, don't need to hide in terms of performance either. The machines can effortlessly and safely move the frequently used materials, such as terrace stone pallets weighing approx. 1,550 kilograms - even on uneven ground conditions with confined spaces.

The compact telescopic wheel loader 5065T

Telescopic wheel loaders are always used when customers demand the classic advantages of a wheel loader (e.g. a central high seating position, compactness, a high efficiency output, and the additional plus of stacking height or reach). With the 5065T, Kramer has once again responded to special customer requests. The telescopic wheel loader impresses with a bucket pivot point of up to 4.25 meters at maximum stacking payload of 1,600 kilograms. Thus, 5065T is ideal for filling high-sided transport vehicles and can simultaneously transport a standard pallet of paving stones.

The compact telehandler 1245

In the telehandler segment, Kramer also offers a highly efficient and versatile machine for a wide range of applications: the 1245. With a load-over height of more than 4 metres, this machine can also be used to load trucks without any problems. Despite the low shipping weight, which again benefits transport, the telehandler effortlessly moves paving stone pallets as those used in gardening and landscaping.