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Full efficiency in materials handling

Discover the new all-wheel steer Kramer wheel loader

With the Kramer 8155/8155L, Kramer is further expanding its broad product portfolio in the wheel loader sector. The power rating of the wheel loader is complemented by the typical Kramer all-wheel steering, which ensures stability, manoeuvrability and compactness. In addition to the impressive performance features, the wheel loader also impresses with a completely new cabin and operating concept. The two models meet the current exhaust emission level and are state of the art in every respect.

The 8155/8155L belongs to the 8-series, the Premium series from Kramer.

Comfortable working area

Everything in view outside

The cabin concept of the 8155/8155L has been completely redesigned. From the operator’s seat to the steering wheel, all details were consequently aligned with your needs. Ergonomics, driving comfort and functionality were at the centre of the redesign. The fully glazed cabin is spacious and features considerable headroom and legroom. The easy-to-see and ergonomically designed dashboard also allows for an unrestricted view of the quickhitch headstock. In summary, the cab offers a comfortable environment with excellent all-round visibility for fatigue-free and efficient work, even over long workdays.

Technical highlights - simple operation

Innovative cabin design

  • Display

    The wheel loader has a completely new operating concept with a large 7" LCD display. The setup of the 7" display is simple and intuitive. All important vehicle data and functions are shown in the main menu. The brightness can be adjusted and customised to your needs.

  • Jog Dial

    The cabin is equipped with a jog dial controller. This makes it possible to easily set all important machine settings, such as the oil volume of all control circuits. The most important operating data can be shown with the rotary and push wheel and adjusted entirely to the operator's needs.

  • Armrest

    The armrest, including the joystick console and jog dial, is attached to the operator’s seat and equipped with the most important operator’s controls. The left hand can therefore remain on the steering wheel while the right hand is in the armrest area. The armrest folds up, making it possible to exit to the right.

Powerful engines

For any application with reduced consumption

The new Kramer flagship is powered by a 100 kW Deutz TCD 3.6 engine of exhaust-gas stage V. The even more powerful Deutz TCD 4.1 with 115 kW is available to you as an option. The exhaust gas is treated with DOC, DPF and SCR.

Notable forces

Work easily with large loads

The wheel loader has two different loader units available, depending on the requirement. Of course an extremely sturdy hydraulic quickhitch facility is offered here for the harshest applications with a 61.5 mm wide locating pin as well as a 50 mm thick lock pin. The standard and industrial quickhitch systems have the support as per ISO 23727, which is used most frequently around the world in this performance category.

Standard loader unit

  • PZ-kinematics with Kramer quickhitch plate

    The PZ-mast combines the best of parallel and Z-kinematics in one system, guaranteeing a high breakout torque and an exact parallel over the entire lifting range. The mast ensures an exemplary view of the attachment as well as the load, thus ensuring excellent manoeuvrability of them.

    • Additional overview clearances due to the bottom-mounted tipping cylinder
    • High breakout torque and parallel guidance over the entire lifting range
    • Uniform force introduction
    • The advantages of P and Z kinematics combined 

Industrial system

  • P-kinematics with Kramer quickhitch plate

    The P-kinematics impress in practice with a high breakout force, high holding forces in the upper range of the mast and exemplary precision when working with heavy loads. The view of the attachment is exceptional thanks to the open design of the loader unit. This advantage can be felt in particular when loading and unloading as well as stacking with high lift heights.

    • Exact and safe work possible
    • Loads are automatically kept at level when lifting and lowering
    • High lifting and tear-out forces
    • Exact parallel guidance over the entire lift height 

Variably economical

Optional: The Kramer high-speed transmission

Kramer co-developed the continuously variable hydrostatic transmission with 45° turning angle of the hydraulic motor. It impresses with maximum economic efficiency combined with the best possible environmental friendliness and excellent driving characteristics. Thanks to the ecospeedPRO transmission, the speed and pushing power are always perfectly matched to each other. The new powerful transmission makes continuous acceleration possible from 0 to 40 km/h without shifting. This results in a comfortable uniform driving manner, since there are no tractive force interruptions or shifting jerks. The ecospeedPRO transmission offers an even greater increase in tractive force than the previous ecospeed version. Even higher pushing power and tractive forces of up to an additional 10% are thus achieved. The Smart Driving rpm reduction is included as a standard in the hydrostat version as well as in the ecospeedPRO version.

The right type of steering for any application

The undivided vehicle frame forms the basis for three different types of steering. A wheel loader’s design principle decides how it is used and for which applications. The steering system is the crucial factor here.



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Why split what belongs together?

Kramer – A unique system

The Kramer brand stands for all-wheel steer loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telescopic loaders with extreme manoeuvrability, all-terrain mobility and high efficiency. The Kramer wheel loaders impress with their high level of stability thanks to the time-tested and proven, undivided vehicle frame. Due to this special vehicle setup, there is no shifting of the centre of gravity through steering movements. Only the wheels move when steering due to the Ackermann steering. Accordingly, a high level of safety is a given even on narrow curve radii, on uneven ground conditions and with maximum payloads.

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