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5035 IIIA - The Kramer compact genius

5035 IIIA
Wheel loader 5035 in action
Wheel loader 5035 in action
5035 IIIA-thumb
Wheel loader 5035 in action
Wheel loader 5035 in action
The all-wheel steer loader 5035 became known with the name “350”. The 5 series model is a compact and manoeuvrable wheel loader. This machine’s clearance height of under 2m means that, for example, work can be carried out effortlessly in underground car parks. The compact width of 1.20 m also allows the wheel loader to drive on the pavement. Optionally, the wheel loader can be equipped with a larger engine and tractive force increase. The wheel loader’s compact dimensions and the low shipping weight make it possible to easily transport it with a 3.5 t trailer.
  • The Kramer system: The one-piece chassis and time-tested and proven Kramer all-wheel steering ensure optimal stability and maximum payload on uneven ground
  • Compact dimensions: The clearance height of less than 2 m and the width of less than 1.2 m make the 5035 a compact genius
  • Flexible application: With the Kramer quickhitch plate you can use a number of attachments from buckets with a volume of 0.35 m³ to 0.55 m³, depending on material density, to snow blower protection
  • Wide field of view: the low approach of the Kramer loader unit enables perfect all-round visibility from the one-piece chassis
  • Unbeatable manoeuvrability: 1,900mm turning radius (tyre outer edge) realised by 2x 38 degree steering lock


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