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5055e Standard components

Operator’s cab

• Open cabin (CANOPY)
• Mechanically pilot-operated joystick; scroll wheel for selection of direction of travel
• 3rd control circuit with continuous function and pressure relief, proportional oil volume setting via rotary potentiometer
• Colour-coded rocker switches for hydraulics, electric, driving and safety functions
• Mechanical-suspension seat with leatherette cover, with automatic seat belt, weight, backrest and horizontal adjustment
• StVZO (German road traffic regulations) lighting, 1 rear LED working light
• 12 V plug receptacle

Cab (optional)

• Soundproofed, vibration-insulated cabin with tinted windows
• Fully glazed door on the left, hinged window on the right, both opened and locked in two positions (180° and 10°)
• Powerful heater (2 levels) and ventilation (3 levels), sun visor, front and rear window wipers, rear-view mirror

Power transmission

• Mechanical universal joint shaft
• Parking brake: mechanical spring-loaded brake with electromagnetic trigger device
• Service brake: foot-operated hydrostatic supported disc brake

Steering and work hydraulics

• Hydraulic 4 wheel steering with emergency steering features
• Pressure relief of 3rd control circuit


• Parallel linkage


• Operator’s Manual; Service Booklet
• Data confirmation (Germany only)

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