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  • Operator’s cab
    • Rotating LED beacon (yellow)
    • LED working lights, 2 at the front, 2 at the rear 
    • Soundproofed, vibration-insulated cabin with tinted windows
    • Fully glazed door on the left, hinged window on the right, both opened and locked in two positions (180° and 10°)
    • Powerful heater (2 levels) and ventilation (3 levels), sun visor, front and rear window wipers, rear-view mirror
    Cabin version required for the following options:
    • Cabin with heating
    • Comfort operator's seat with material cover and high backrest
    • Air-suspension comfort operator seat with lumbar support
    • Mounting/wiring for radio installation (aerial, loudspeakers)  
    • Radio system (radio, aerial, loudspeakers)
  • Travelling drive / Steering system
    • Front-wheel steering
    • Low-speed control
  • StVZO (German road traffic regulations) equipment
    • Number plate light incl. front number plate bracket
    • Equipment for special buckets (according to StVZO German road traffic regulations)
  • Loader unit
    • Loader unit with increased lift height (reduced payload and bucket capacity as required)
    • Load stabiliser (vibration damper)
    • Hydraulic quickhitch facility, EURO system (technical data and available attachments other than indicated)
    • Hydraulic Skid Steer quickhitch plate (technical data and available attachments other than indicated)
  • Hydraulics
    • Unpressurised oil cooler and front reflux line, including leak oil line
    • Hydraulic filled with biodegradable hydraulic oil; PANOLIN Synt46
  • Electrical system
    • 7-pole plug receptacle for front attachments (two positions)
    • 14-pin socket for front attachements (only with skid steer quickhitch device)
  • Safety options
    • Drive interlock integrated in starter key
    • Fire extinguisher (2 kg)
    • Backup warning system (acoustic)
    • Protective FOPS screen (category 2)
    • Protective measures for use in aggressive materials (salt and fertiliser use)
    • Red/white warning stripes (as per DIN 30710)
  • Other
    • Single-colour custom-made paint finish as per RAL (grey parts are not included)
    • Telematic 12 – 72 months
    • Warranty extensions
    • Tool set
    • Storage bag (first-aid kit, warning triangle, safety vest)

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