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5055e Technical specifications

Operating data 

Bucket capacity (standard bucket) 0.65 m³
Operating weight  4,150 kg

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor manufacturer  JULI / Jungheinrich
Engine performance drive train 15 kW
Engine performance working hydraulic 22 kW
Emission standards stage (standard)  emission-free

Power transmission  

Traction drive  continuously adjustable elec - tric drive system
Travel speed (max.) 17 km/h
Standard tires  12-18
Differential lock  100% VA
Max. steering angle  2x38 °

Steering and operating hydraulics 

Max. pump discharge capacity   54 l/min
Max. pump pressure   235 bar


Design system  P-kinematics
Tipping load (standard bucket) 2,500 kg
Payload S=1.25 (pallet forks) 1,750 kg
Tilt-in angle  48 °
Tip-out angle  42 °

Filling capacities 

Hydraulic oil tank  40 l

Sound emission *

Measured value  81 dB(A)
Guaranteed value  85 dB(A)
Noise level at the driver’s ear  69 dB(A)

Vibrations **

Total vibrations value of the upper body extremities  < 2,5 m/s²
Highest effective value of weighted acceleration for the body  < 0,5 m/s²


Supply voltage of battery charger  240 V
Battery voltage  80 V
Rated capacity  416 Ah
Battery weight  1,230 kg
Charging time  5 - 8.5 h

* Information: Measured according to the requirements of the standard DIN EN 474-1 and directive 2000/14/EG. Measuring station: asphalted surface.

** Uncertainty of the vibration measuring devices according to the requirements of standards DIN EN 474-1 and EN 12096. Please instruct or inform the operator of possible dangers caused by vibrations.

*** Determined using Kramer test cycle.

All statements without guarantee.

Further technical data can be found in the brochure in the info-material section.

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