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The first black Kramer telescopic wheel loader KL55.8T in Ireland

(Pfullendorf/Ireland, March 2020) A black Kramer telescopic wheel loader KL55.8T has been delivered for the first time to Ireland. Meath Farm Machinery announced the sale of the first black custom-made paint finish in Ireland.

This KL55.8T model sold with a black custom-made paint finish is impressive with its maximum stability and constant payload. As with all machines of the 8 series, the premium range by Kramer, the all-wheel steering, crab steering and front wheel steering are available as standard. With a bucket tipping load of 5,500 kilogrammes and a stacking payload of 3,900 kilogrammes, the telescopic wheel loader has satisfied its new operator and their demands despite its low dead weight.

The well-known potato and tillage farming family Paud Flynn & Sons in North County Dublin, will in future use this particular machine, above all for the stacking of straw and in work with grain and fertiliser, because the telescopic loader unit enables a greater reach and dumping height. Furthermore, the new cabin and operating concept is functional, intuitive and comfortably controlled.

The rounded off front window, which has been placed further back, the open designed glass roof and the flat-formed dashboard ensure an excellent 360° all-round view. The new cabin concept with its ergonomically applied operating elements forms the basis for fatigue-free and efficient work.

The telescopic wheel loader is also equipped with a “Smart Handling” system which can limit the machine from tipping longitudinally on uneven ground. The innovative cabin design, the technical highlights, the high-quality workmanship and the elegant black-grey custom-made paint finish make the KL55.8T a diversely applicable unique machine of the Irish agriculture, in this case.

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