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The Kramer 8155 during tunnel works at 25 metres depth

Development of the tunnels for the “New SBB Mitte Underpass” continues. The ten-tonne heavy Kramer wheel loader 8155 was lowered about 25 metres deep by crane. Now, the new underpass is being excavated step-by-step so that by 2027 commuters will have more space and benefit from shorter journeys.

In future, access to the SBB train station will be via escalators and stairs. The builders are working with heavy machinery, with the help of the Kramer wheel loader 8155 and its standard bucket with rip-out teeth as an attachment, to prepare the new RBS train station from three sides. The robust and sturdy bucket, which is perfect for working with soil and gravel, is optimally complemented by the high efficiency of the teeth for coarser material. For current works to date, the Kramer wheel loader 8085 had to step aside. “At the moment, we need a machine that can pick up even more material and we always prefer an all-wheel machine for such tight spatial conditions in the tunnels”, Lars Scheidegger of the Rohrer-Marti AG emphasised. A tunnel of around one kilometre is to be developed, inclusive of emergency exits, from Hirschenpark. Travelling from Eilgut, there will be an expansion in the region of the underground car park, as well as other underground areas for railway systems. Travelling from Laupenstraße is where the actual construction is taking place because the construction works require a platform for certain roadway transportation. The 8155 comes entirely into its own here. Under the railway station’s existing rails is where the excavator’s rubble is collected and this is then transported to a reloading point at the end of the tunnel. From here, the excess material arrives at the surface or on a direct path to a heavy goods vehicle via an upper revolving crane, this then deals with the material from the construction site. By 2030 the number of commuters at the train station in Bern will increase to about 375,000 from 260,000 daily, the current expansion is unavoidable.

Specific application - special solutions!

Kramer’s flagship, the 8155, consistently prioritises customer’s requirements and provides the optimal solutions as a true multi-talent in this specific application in civil engineering. Thanks to the time-tested and proven all-wheel steering and a steering angle of 2x40°, the machine, with a tipping load of 6,100 kilogrammes, is a specialist in heavy loads under such specific construction site conditions. The turning radius of these machines is only 3,865 millimetres - an efficient workhorse in the tightest of spaces. As with all models of the 8-series, all-wheel, crab and front wheel steering are available as standard for flexible use on-site. Due to the time-tested and proven, undivided vehicle frame, the machine provides satisfaction in challenging application, therefore with a perfect combination of maximum stability, manoeuvrability and constant payload. Additionally, the Kramer wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders are equipped with high-performance load-sensing hydraulics, the innovative ecospeedPRO (optional) drive and a 100 kW strong Deutz TCD 3.6 engine.

Equipped for the future

Kästli Bau AG was very satisfied with the rented machinery: “In co-operation with Rohrer-Marti AG, Kramer was able to provide us with the solution we needed for this very specific construction site. Alongside the planning and building engineers, the various requirements were checked prior to beginning construction and the suitable machinery was selected.”