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The Kramer telehandler is in use 300 days a year

The large Kramer telehandlers have been sold in the Czech agricultural market since last year. Despite the relatively short time they have already convinced many users there. The telehandler KT559 is particularly in demand. One of the satisfied customers of this telehandler with the payload of 5.5 t is also the company AGD Senice a.s., which operates in Nymburk (Czech Republic).

The company AGD Senice specialises in plant production. “We cultivate an area of 1,150 hectares. In the area of livestock farming, we only have pigs”, says Mr. Havlík. He is the technician of the company and reported about his positive experiences with the Kramer machine.

German quality

The Kramer KT559 was handed over to AGD Senice via the STROM branch in Kostomlaty nad Labem in November 2017. The main reason for buying a Kramer is described by Mr. Havlík as follows: “We tried a lot of telehandlers here and wanted a machine with hydrostatic drive. For all work with the telehandler, hydraulics is an important issue for us and in the end we chose German quality.”

Reliable machine

As with many agricultural businesses, the telehandler is used by AGD Senice almost all year round. “At our location, the telehandler is used 300 days a year. We have a bucket, a fork and a twisting hook. We primarily use the telehandler for loading and unloading grain, as well as for loading fertilizer and seeds”, comments Mr. Havlík about the use of the telehandler and adds: “It is the machine that is most frequently used. Hence, it must function reliably.” Last year the old telehandler broke down during the harvest and we had to rent a machine. It was not easy to get a replacement machine since the demand is particularly high during harvest time.”

The Kramer KT559 is equipped with the ecospeedPRO transmission that enables a travel speed of up to 40 km/h. In Senice, the telehandler is therefore also used for transport and, thanks to its long arm, can even be used to fill the seed drill. “The seed drill is extended during filling and is therefore particularly wide. The old telehandler has a 7 m long arm and it was just enough. Therefore, we decided to use the 9 m version for the new machine.”

Convenient handling thanks to intelligent technology

The Kramer telehandler can work safely, comfortably and effectively in three modes thanks to the Smart Handling assistance system. “When loading trucks with beetroot, e.g. I appreciate the automatic bucket return, where the bucket automatically returns to the preset position on the ground, and the vibration function, which completely empties the bucket.”, says Mr. Havlík.
All in all, the people at AGD Senice are really satisfied with their new telehandler, which they use to the full extent.

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