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The new Kramer 5035 and 5040 wheel loaders are truly multi-talented

The new, compact 5035 and 5040 wheel loaders are impressive with their new power ratings and comfort features. These two models are also equipped with the Stage V emissions level. Whether for use in gardening and landscaping or another area of application, the all-wheel skid steer loaders are best suited for flexible and all-year-round use.

From now, Kramer-Werke GmbH is supplying two newly developed compact wheel loader models with different power ratings. On the one hand, the well-known 5035, which has an 18.5 kilowatt / 25.2 HP Yanmar engine, a bucket tipping load of 1,140 kilogrammes and an operating weight of 1,920 kilogrammes. On the other hand, the new 5040 model. This all wheel steer loader is equipped with a 28.5 kilowatt / 38.8 HP Yanmar engine. The machine has a light higher operating weight at 2,070 kilogrammes, in addition to a bucket tipping load of 1,400 kilogrammes. Both models possess a completely new cab design, as well as some modern comfort features and power options.

The 5035 and 5040 wheel loaders are impressive with their compactness and manoeuvrability

Both of the 5-series models are compact and manoeuvrable wheel loaders. With their dimensions, they are predestined for low clearance heights and tight passages, therefore an indispensable companion for the construction industry. With a width of just 1.26 metres, journeys on the foot path are effortless. In addition to this, due to their low transport weight, it is possible to transport the machines on a car trailer; a quick run over to a different area of application is therefore not a problem. The machines are built on a new framework concept that enables enormous manoeuvrability whilst remaining stable. The three types of steering also provide a plus in terms of flexibility. The all-wheel steering in the series continues to favour maximum manoeuvrability and fast loading cycles in the tightest of spaces. This is complemented by the optional steering types: front wheel and crab steering, which are available for the first time for this class size. Crab steering is perfectly suited to all works along trenches, walls and hedges. This type of steering not only enables the optimal achievement of obstacles, but keeps the consistent working distance parallel, thereby ensuring a lower potential for damage. The simple and quick switch between all-wheel, front wheel and crab steering occurs via a mechanical steering type changeover.

Modern cab design with a plus for comfort

A perfect service access with two tanks; as a result of this: the excellent distribution of weight and stabilisation, as well as the modern cab design, have set new standards in the compact wheel loader-segment, these in turn ensure the additional benefit of comfort and operator-friendliness, whereby functionality and ergonomics are at the forefront. The wide entry includes additional steps, thus ensuring a comfortable and above all safe entry and exit. The optionally available, tilt-adjusting steering column is likewise helpful in this and also enables the individual steering adjustment for the operator. Large glass areas in combination with newly designed viewing channels ensure optimal visibility onto the attachment and excellent all-round visibility. The generously designed window on the right-hand side can be opened, as usual, by 180 degrees. In addition to this, the cabin door can also be raised just as far. As a result of the newly-designed side console, it contains numerous storage areas alongside many functional and ergonomic features. All important switches are located in the immediate vicinity of the right hand. Intuitive operation of the three newly-developed operator modes (Smart Driving PRO) is seamlessly possible and optionally available with the 5040 model.

More power and Smart Driving Pro

The new 5040 wheel loader model is equipped with a 28.5 kilowatt / 38.8 HP Yanmar engine as standard. The exhaust after-treatment is carried out by DOC and DPF. Smart Driving PRO is also optionally available for the all wheel steer loader. This is a new feature with three different operator modes that support and relieve the operator in the respective applications whilst being fuel-efficient. In the Power Mode the complete engine output is available. This provides an ideal basis for fast loading cycles and also for work in excavated material. In comparison to the Power Mode, the machine drives the same travel speed in Eco Mode with a reduced engine speed. With the aim to reduce the noise level and to save fuel, this operator mode is above all suitable for stacking work in which the full system power is not required. The third operator mode presents a further development of the known “Low-Speed Control” option. This has been developed through operation via the accelerator pedal. Thus when the engine speed is freely adjustable, the forward travel speed can not only be controlled via the handset control but also comfortably and sensitively using the accelerator. This operator mode is best suited for application with attachments, such as a rotary sweeper or a mulcher. In doing so, the speed can be most sensitively adjusted to changing situations using the accelerator pedal. This means more flexibility and safety for the operator. A fast change between the three mentioned operator modes is now available at the simple press of a button.

Versatile application guaranteed

The quick coupler system continues to have inventory on stock for efficient work when frequently changing attachments. The large lift and tearout force, in addition to a precise parallel guidance throughout the total height can be achieved through the loader unit with Z-kinematics. The visual position display for bucket and fork is an immense benefit to inexperienced operators or those constantly changing in plant hire businesses or large operations. The 5040 wheel loader continues to impress with optional powerflow auxiliary hydraulics. The compact wheel loaders are therefore ready for application as an all-rounder - no matter whether in use with a snow blower, mulching device, plate compactor or a cultivation device. The new Kramer 5035 and 5040 wheel loaders are versatile and powerful machines for the greatest demands in construction.