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A Kramer wheel loader as a bridal car

We have received the good news that a Kramer wheel loader is also ideal as a bridal car.

Ein Kramer Radlader als Hochzeitsauto

The Oehler family writes to us:

“As Kramer fans and proud owners of a Kramer 112 SL and a Kramer tractor KL, it was clear to us that only a Kramer wheel loader could be the bridal “car”. The company Aicheler Baumaschinen from Stockach fulfilled this wish for us with a highly polished Kramer 8085. We always appreciate Aicheler’s service as a customer! The Kramer wheel loader 8085 was not only well received by the guests, but also by passers-by in the town and by other road users. In line with the motto “A Kramer for life”, we then made our vows in the beautiful Hubertus chapel in Schönwald. The Kramer wheel loader helped to make this day the best day of our lives!” 

Dear Oehler family, thank you for the beautiful story and the great photos! We wish you all the best for the future!