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Operation report: Annual overview of the application of the first Kramer wheel loader KL60.8L in France

(Pfullendorf/France, July 2020) About 18 months ago, a Kramer wheel loader KL60.8L with an extended loading system was delivered to France for the first time. Since its commissioning in April 2019, the machine has impressed in every respect, having already clocked just over 3,450 operating hours.

A new size class has been reached in the wheel loader sector with the all-wheel steer KL60.8L. The package made up of the powerful load-sensing hydraulics, the tried and tested Deutz engine and the optional extended loading system with the hinge pin height of 4,200 mm, makes the Kramer wheel loader a good selection for demanding work in agriculture. The P-kinematics are impressive with their high break out force, extreme retention force in the upper section of the lift frame and an exemplary precision when working with heavy loads. This advantage is, above all, noticeable with loading and unloading procedures, as well as stacking work with extraordinary lift heights. With a precise parallel guidance across the whole lift height of up to 3.95 metres and a consistently good view of the attachment, the wheel loader wins you over across its length.

Maximum efficiency
The new Kramer flagship model is driven by a 100 kW powerful Deutz TCD 3.6 engine with emission stage V. The even more powerful Deutz TCD 4.1 with 115 kW is available to customers as an option. The exhaust after-treatment occurs via DOC, DPF and SCR. The new hydrostatic high-speed gearbox ecospeedPRO (20 / 30 / 40 km/h) is optionally available as a particular innovation for the model. In typical, agricultural, work situations, e.g. handling work in the Y-cycle, there is a high demand for constant pushing and pulling forces at low travel speeds. The ecospeedPRO transmission meets these requirements precisely with the disclosed, complete omission of gear steps. For the end user this offers a comfortable, steady quality of driving and a harmonious noise development. The intelligent engine rpm reduction “Smart Driving” has been integrated into the ecospeedPRO drive system as standard. This optimally adapts the rpm to the operator requirements with a constant speed. This ensures a low development of noise, minimal fuel consumption and a reduction in the load on individual components when the maximum speed is reached. The range of attachments make the wheel loader perfect for flexible application in agriculture. Whether for feeding, stacking straw or mucking out - the machine is diversely applicable.

Full efficiency in material handling in the yard
Prior to acquiring the wheel loader KL60.8L, the customer (GAEC ARCHER Beauregard) was personally captivated when visiting the Kramer factory alongside the distributor (MCDA Company) and carrying out diverse test drives by the extensive standard equipment, the new operating concept and the ergonomic cab design, as well as all of the other excellent power ratings. In the meantime, the wheel loader has been used for the past 18 months for moving manure, foodstuff distribution (handling of hay and straw), power supply of the biogas plant (feeding the septic tank) and compacting the grass and corn silage, among other things, in the yard and in doing so supplies the 300 suckler cows, 200 dairy cows and chicken farm, which accounts for approx. 1,500 sq m. So that a high-quality silage is achieved from the grass, the correct compaction of the silage is dependent on the machine, alongside the stock management, mowing and harvesting technique. When doing this, the oxygen must be removed, to a great extent, in order to achieve the optimal conditions for the desired fermentation process with lactic acid bacteria. The rounded off front windowshield, which has been placed further back, the open designed glass roof and the flat-formed dashboard ensure an excellent 360° all-round view of the grass silage, especially in this area if application. The new cab design with ergonomically arranged operating elements form the basis for fatigue-free and efficient working, and provides the operator with the required repeated crossings for sufficient compaction. This KL60.8L model is impressive with its maximum stability and constant payload. The innovative cab design, the technical highlights, the high-quality workmanship and the extended loading system make the KL60.8L a diversely applicable unique machine of French agriculture for this farm operation.