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Operation report: The Kramer 5085 and 8155 in royal application at the Hohenschwangau Castle

Royal performance by Kramer machines at the tourist attraction in Schwangau. (Pfullendorf/Hohenschwangau, October 2020) Hohenschwangau Castle’s history, the childhood residence of young King Ludwig II, stretches as far back as the 12th Century. At this time, the castle was occupied by knights and over the centuries, it has suffered serious damage. In 1832, Royal Prince Max, later King Max II, acquired the castle and had it converted to the modern-day Hohenschwangau Castle. The daily application of both of the Kramer wheel loaders: 5085 and 8155, ensures that tourists feel comfortable here on-site, and that they are able to discover the castle and its surrounding nature, while enjoying it to the max.

Hohenschwangau Castle is not only a tourist highlight, but it also provides pure, native nature. This is preserved through the daily maintenance work carried out with the help of the Kramer wheel loaders 5085 and 8155 for the annual visitors of up to 2 million people from all over the world, and also for the local residents. The Schwansee Park sits across 60 hectares and with its kilometre-long paths it provides a paradise for hikers and ramblers. Those walking through the park today will experience historical traces that were designed and created almost 160 years ago. The aim of the Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds (WAF [Wittelsbach Compensation Fund]), which was set up in 1923 through Bavarian Law as a foundation of public law, is the conservation and maintenance of the cultural heritage of the Wittelsbach house entrusted to it, alongside its artistic treasures, castles, as well as the forestry and agriculture.

The down-to-earth all-rounder and the flagship by Kramer
Both of the Kramer wheel loaders, 5085 and 8155, are the perfect accompaniment for everyday application conditions with their power ratings, but also for special application conditions. Thanks to their proven all-wheel steering and a steering angle of 2x40°, the machines are specialists in heavy loads under prevalent, varying conditions with their tipping load of 3,700 kilogrammes (5085) and up to 6,100 kilogrammes (8155). The turning radius of these machines is just 2,840 millimetres (5085) and 3,865 millimetres (8155) - conclusive as efficient work horses in the tightest of spaces. Through the tried and tested, one-piece vehicle frame the machines score in this challenging application area with a perfect combination of maximum stability, manoeuvrability and constant payload. The 5085 as an all-rounder is equipped with a 55 kilowatt engine from the manufacturer Kohler as standard and therefore fulfils the requirements of the emission stage V. One of the largest machines from the Kramer product portfolio is the 8155. It is equipped with a 100 kilowatt Deutz TCD 3.6 engine and likewise complies with the emission stage V. Kramer’s flagship model, with its Deutz TCD 4.1 engine and 115 kilowatts produces even more power.

Flexible Kramer portfolio meets diverse requirements
Both of the Kramer wheel loaders, 5085 and 8155, are put to daily use here with their attachments, a standard bucket, a pallet fork and a snowplough blade, from sunrise to sunset. The sturdy and stable bucket is perfectly suited to working with soil and gravel, as well as loading work for the accruing grass cuttings after mowing work. “We need a machine at all times that will pick up material, sometimes this is within the tightest of spaces, and, above all, we need it to transport it away safely. The work between the streams of visitors demands quite a lot of people and the machine. That is why we prefer the all-wheel steer and stable Kramer wheel loaders in our working everyday life”, emphasised Bernhard Schuster, Building Yard and Garden Manager. The servicing and securing of the hiking trails that can in part be up to seven storeys high form, in this instance, a part of the sustained maintenance of the royal castle park and its surrounding estates alongside the simple woodland and meadow paths, and the planting of the local recreation area. With the appropriate pallet forks by Kramer, the lifting and stacking of the various materials required here are simple. The fencing, signage and boardwalks have to be regularly maintained and refurbished by employees and their Kramer machines. Even in the winter months, the Hohenschwangau unfurls a special charm with its royal attractions and snowy landscape. The annual snowfall, best suited to winter walks, sledging and its impressive Christmas market, ensures a particularly wonderful ambience and the appropriate joyful anticipation for the festive celebrations. Here, the Kramer wheel loaders 5085 and 8155 come into their own with all of their benefits and establish their core application area in snow clearance and the subsequent salt spreading. Long labour stints of up to ten hours a day are not a rarity to clear the snow as quickly as possible from the roads and car parks. Individual equipment possibilities, features and options ensure fatigue-free work and make the winter service easier from the ground up.

The Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds is very satisfied with the hired machinery: “Kramer was able to provide us with the precise solution for this very flexible profile of requirements that we have. Together with the Kramer Sales, the suitable machinery was selected - we are now best equipped for the future”, Bernhard Schuster subsequently emphasised.