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Kramer is pleased to welcome 60 guests from the Czech Republic

The company Strom Praha from the Czech Republic spent two days at Lake Constance with almost 60 end customers. In addition to a boat trip on Lake Constance, the programme also included a visit to Kramer in Pfullendorf, where the participants gained exciting insights into production and were able to use the machines on Kramer's own test site.

The company Strom from Prague, Czech Republic visited Kramer in Pfullendorf with 60 end customers. Strom Praha a. s. is an importer in the Czech Republic for Kramer's green product line and organised the trip to the Kramer plant in Pfullendorf. Adam Bauer, product manager at Strom and specialist for Kramer machines, organised the end customer trip together with his colleagues from sales. Together with the customers, the group set out on the almost 600-kilometre long journey to Kramer in Pfullendorf.
After the long journey, the group enjoyed a boat trip around Lake Constance and a relaxing stay at the Bodensee Therme.

The next day, Kramer's factory tour offered interesting insights into the production of wheel loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers. The two Kramer employees Manfred Braunwarth and Horst Niebergall led the guests in an interesting demo showing what is inside the machines. The visitors also had the opportunity to put the machines through their paces themselves.

During the tour of the Kramer showroom, the Czech guests finally got to see Kramer's new flagship, the KL60.8. With a bucket tipping load of 5600 kg and a stacking payload of 3900 kg, the Kramer KL60.8 opens up a new size class in the Kramer wheel loader range. Visitors could convince themselves of the extensive standard equipment of the machine and the completely revised operating concept. Market Developer Peter Rehde accompanied the factory visit together with his colleagues from product management and was delighted by the numerous visitors who were so enthusiastic about the impressive impressions of the factory at home.