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5035 - Practical. Safe. Intelligent

The compact genius redefined - exhaust emission stage V
With its exhaust emission stage V, the 5035 is a compact and manoeuvrable wheel loader. With its dimensions it is predestined for low clearance heights and tight passages. As a result of its width of just 1.26, it is possible to effortlessly drive on the foot path. This machine is also transportable on a car trailer due to its low transport weight and is therefore easy to transport between different areas of application. The machine has been built on a new frame concept, which enables great manoeuvrability whilst maintaining the stability.
  • Front-wheel-steering and crab steering (optional): Crab steering not only enables steering around obsructions, but also maintains the consistent, parallel clearance.
  • Comfortable cabin design: A wide entry with an additional step ensure a comfortable and, above all, safe entry and exit.
  • Loader unit with Z-kinematics: The Z-kinematics enable great lift and shear force, and the exact parallel guidance throughout the entire height. The visual position indicator for attachments is ideal of inexperienced operators.
  • Opening cabin door: The generously designed window on the right-hand side can be comfortably opened by 180 degrees. In addition to this, the cabin door can also be opened as far.
  • Ergonomics: The side console, which has been redesigned from scratch contains several storage areas alongside a number of functional and ergonomic features. All of the important switches are within reach of the right hand.

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Product highlights at a glance:

Three steering modes

As with all larger Kramer wheel loaders, three steering modes are now available as an option for the KL14.5. The all-wheel steering in this series supports maximum manoeuvrability and enables swift material handling in the tightest of spaces. The optional steering modes for front wheel and crab steering thus offer greater flexibility, whether for longer periods of transportation or approaching obstacles. The mechanical steering mode switch makes it quick and easy to switch between all-wheel, front-wheel and crab steering.

Modern joystick

The joystick now features a gear-change switch. As with other Kramer wheel loaders, this one can switch between hare and tortoise mode: Tortoise 0 - 7 km/h and hare 0 - 20 km/h.

Safe, contemporary cabin design

Getting in and out of the cabin is convenient and above all, safe, thanks to the wide doorway with its additional step. With large-scale glazed panes and a 180°-lockable door, this wheel loader is particularly safe and stylish.

New display screen

The display screen, high-quality easy-grip steering wheel and automatic blinker reset ensure even greater convenience at work.

Tilt-adjustable steering column

The tilt-adjustable steering column, available as an optional extra, enables each operator to set the steering wheel to suit their own seating position. It is quick and easy to change the position for any number of users, ensuring convenient and considerate working for everyone.

Optimised central tunnel

Reduction of the central tunnel in the cab floor to approx. 5 cm. This makes it quick and easy to get in and out of the cabin. The maintenance cover makes cleaning the cabin just as simple.

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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