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5075 Standard components


• Soundproofed, vibration-insulated, 4-point suspension cabin with large, tinted windows reaching far down

• Mechanical-suspension seat (MSG85/721), with automatic seat belt, weight, backrest and horizontal adjustment

  • NEW: tilt adjustable steering column

• 3-speed powerful heating and ventilation with defroster vents on front window

• Colour-coded rocker switches for hydraulics, electric, driving and safety functions

• Large foldable outside rearview mirrors on either side

• Sun visor

• Cabin lights

• 12 V socket, headlights, 1 rear working light NEW: 2 front working lights, 2 rear working lights

• Tested according to ROPS and FOPS I


• Battery master switch

  • 4 year or 4000 operating hour warranty on engine  

Power transmission

• Combined brake/inching pedal
• 100 % locking differential, switchable in front axle
• Mechanical parking brake

Steering and work hydraulics

• Mechanically pilot-controlled joystick for raising/lowering and tilting the loader unit in/out, with switch for travel direction selection,
integrated 3rd control circuit (proportional controls) and function lights integrated in joystick


• Hydraulic quickhitch

• Parallel linkage

  • NEW: load hook on the tilt rod 
  • NEW: Visual position display for bucket and fork  


• Operator’s Manual; Service Booklet
• Data confirmation (Germany only)

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