Kramer machines in agriculture



  • Equipped with many innovative details for sophisticated user demands, the telescopic loaders come with automatic bucket return, infinitely variable speed control and perfect all-round visibility.
  • You can rely on the telehandlers in terms of sturdiness and durability.
  • The load stabilizer for the telescopic arm makes a crucial contribution here. The lift, tilt and telescopic cylinders are equipped with end position damping in order to absorb pressure spikes in the hydraulic system or fluctuations in the machine. In this way, the operator and machine are optimally protected from force impacts.

We were impressed by the performance data of the machine and the good on-site service.

Wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders


  • Kramer wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders are among the most versatile machines on the farm. Tasks such as bale handling, silage removal, material handling or feeding and cleaning work can be carried out efficiently and quickly.
  • The wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders not only impress with outstanding performance data despite their low net weight - new design, technical fascination and top quality make them something truly unique. Your problem solver for a wide range of tasks and challenges. See for yourself!
  • Furthermore, the ratio between operating weight and payload as well as tipping load results in outstanding performance data, which is exceptional in this vehicle class.

Kramer machines - versatile

Kramer machines filling feed mixer wagons

Kramer machines transporting bales

Kramer machines filling up the biogas plant

Kramer machines harvesting straw and hay

Kramer machines clearing out the muck

Kramer machines compacting grass silage

Kramer machines at work at wood chipping plants

Kramer machines cleaning the farmyard

Kramer machines at work on horse farms

Kramer machines at work on dairy farms

Kramer machines at work on pig farms or feedlots

Kramer telehandler for grass cutting