The best of both worlds

Kramer telescopic wheel loaders are the perfect combination of two worlds. They combine the stacking height of telehandlers and the maneuverability of wheel loaders. 


More stacking height and reach

In addition to high functionality, great working comfort and excellent safety standards, the machines have a significantly increased stacking height and reach, thanks to the telescopic arm. The wide-ranging portfolio of attachments enables year-round application.


Did you know?

The dimensions of both, the fully hydraulic and the standard quick coupler, are identical, so that existing attachments can still be used. Existing hydraulic attachments can also be converted to the new Smart Attach system.

Kramer attachments are designed to perfectly match the respective vehicle and the different tasks, resulting in a perfect interaction between the carrier machine and the attachment.

Do you already know our wheel loaders?

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Brochure The wheel and telescopic wheel loaders 5035 / 5040 / 5050 / 5055 / 5065 / 5065T


Brochure Wheel and telescopic wheel loaders KL12.5/KL14.5/KL18.5/KL19.5/KL25.5/KL25.5T


Brochure The wheel and telescopic wheel loaders KL37.8/KL41.8/KL43.8/KL30.8T/KL35.8T


Brochure The wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders KL60.8/KL70.8/KL55.8T