Extreme maneuverability, off-road capability and high efficiency

The Kramer brand stands for all-wheel steer loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers with extreme maneuverability , off-road capability and high efficiency. Thanks to the proven undivided vehicle frame, Kramer machines impress with their high stability. Due to this special vehicle construction, there is no shift in the center of gravity due to steering movements.


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Kramer wheel loaders represent high stability

Our wheel loaders are designed with an undivided chassis that prevents shifts in the center of gravity even at full steering angle. The vehicles are therefore extremely stable and safe in operation, even when the going gets tough.

Enormous maneuverability of Kramer wheel loaders

With Kramer wheel loaders, and also with Kramer telescopic wheel loaders, turning is possible in one go - thanks to the all-wheel steering. The all-wheel steering and steering angles of 40 degrees each on the front and rear axles enable a high degree of maneuverability. Thus, many steering movements can be eliminated and travel and movements shortened.


Did you know?

Yes! The challenge we set ourselves was first and foremost to develop resource-efficient and mobile construction and agricultural machines. The objective was and still is to include the same performance range in electrically operated vehicles as achieved by our diesel vehicles.

The 5035, the 5040 and even the 5050 with Smart Ballast can be transported on a trailer.

Our compact wheel loaders are particularly popular in gardening and landscaping because they are compact and yet powerful. Our larger wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders are used on construction sites or at industrial and recycling centers.

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