Kramer wheel loaders for the construction industry

The yellow wheel loaders are used as construction machines in moving earth, loosening bulk material, transporting pipes or even stone pallets. And so you will find Kramer's yellow loaders not only in the construction industry, where they demonstrate Kramer quality as construction vehicles on urban construction sites, for example, but also in gravel pits or at recycling centers. Thanks to their compact design, they are also welcome helpers in gardening and landscaping. 


The so-called skid steer loaders, which include the 5075, 5095, 5085T, 8095 and the 8085T from Kramer, are particularly suitable for use at small construction sites. Mini wheel loaders in the construction industry include the following yellow models: the 5025 - Kramer's smallest mini loader, the 5035, the 5055, as well as the electric wheel loader 5055e, the 5065 and the telescopic wheel loader 5065T. Kramer mini wheel loaders are characterized by their low shipping weight, among other things.


The brochure of the small wheel and telescopic wheel loaders of the 5 series of Kramer.

Brochure The wheel and telescopic wheel loaders 5035/5040/5050/5055 /5065/5065T/5065e

The product overview of the Kramer wheel loader, telescopic wheel loader an telehandler of the construction industry.

Brochure Produktübersicht Product overview

The Kramer wheel loader 5075, 5085 and 5095 in one brochure.

Brochure The wheel loaders 5075 /5085 / 5095

Efficiency starts now.

Brochure The wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders 8085, 8095, 8105, 8115, 8085T, 8095T

The big wheel- and telescopic wheel loader of Kramer.

Brochure The wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders 8155 / 8180 / 8145T