The fully electric Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e while cleaning a stable.

Wheel loaders KL25.5e - Zero emissions with full power

The electrically-driven wheel loader KL25.5e is equipped with a 96-Volt lithium ion battery, which enables a running time of up to 4 hours without interim charging. The wheel loader also has compact dimensions, as well as a bucket tipping load of 2,800 kilograms. With the fully electric KL25.5e, CO2 emissions, soot particles, and noise will no longer play a role in your daily work. The KL25.5e works locally emission-free, thereby protecting humans, animals, and the environment, and scores points in matters of efficiency and economy.

Wheel loaders KL25.5e

Benefits at a glance

  • Loading: An integrated on-board charger with up to 9 kW enable fast loading
  • Exhaust emissions: No local exhaust emissions and clearly reduced noise level
  • Battery technology: Powerful 96 V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 37.5 kWh
  • Bucket tipping load:&# 160; Compact dimensions with a bucket tipping load of 2,800 kilograms
  • Operating costs: Lower maintenance costs compared with conventional diesel drive systems


Lithium-ion battery

  • Large capacity with compact dimensions and low weight enable long running times.
  • Monitoring of all vehicle parameters and communication between electrical components through the integrated battery management system (BMS).
  • Optimal operating temperature and maximum transmission range of the machine even in the cold season due to battery heater.
The powerful battery of the fully electric Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e.

Flexible charging options

  • Different charging plugs allow different power sources to be used for charging.
  • Automatic regulation of the maximum permissible charging power by detecting the charging plug as well as the mains voltage.
  • Type 2 standard installed on the vehicle enables the use of commercially available wall boxes and public charging points.
Flexible loading options of the all-electric Kramer wheel loaders and telescopic handlers.

Easy charging process

  • The charging point is easily accessible and protected by a flap on the outside of the vehicle.
  • An additional display at the charging point makes it easy to read the battery status from the outside.
  • Activation of the charging process and locking of the charging plug is done via a button or a lockable key switch.
The fully electric Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e while loading.

Fast charging

  • The integrated onboard battery charger enables fast charging of the battery.
  • There is no need to carry an additional, external battery charger with the machine.
  • Intermediate charging of the battery is possible at any time. This can maximize the running time of the machine throughout the working day.
The fully electric Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e while charging process.

Efficient electric drive

  • Two separate electric motors for drive system and work hydraulics ensure maximum efficiency.
  • The drive system motor is directly connected to the drive shafts and axles via a transmission, and the high torque ensures that the machine responds quickly.
  • The electric motor for the work hydraulics is controlled according to demand, so the right quantity of oil is always available.
The electric engine of the Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e and 5065e.

Further Highlights

The fully electric Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e while dumping compost.

Excellent output values

  • The output of the drive system and work hydraulics is the same as the comparable model with diesel engine - no compromises are necessary.
  • Due to the maximum travel speed of 20 km/h, driving on streets is possible for even longer without any problems.
  • The optimum weight distribution enables maximum tipping and payloads with compact dimensions and low net weight.
The fully electric Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e while mucking out a stable.

100% emission-free

  • No exhaust emissions, no pollutants, as well as significantly lower noise emissions protect the operator and his environment and enable applications even indoors.
  • Expansion of the range of applications through unrestricted use in noise-sensitive areas or time periods (e.g., at night).
  • No local greenhouse gas emissions, contribution to achieving climate goals, compliance with emission limits and environmental regulations.
Low operating costs with the fully electric Kramer wheel loader and telehandler.

Low operating costs

  • Operating costs can be greatly reduced especially when using self-produced electricity, for example from photovoltaics.
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs compared to conventional diesel drive because there are fewer maintenance points.
The suspended pedals with the combined brake-inch pedal allow for precise manoeuvring, even at high engine speed.

Combined brake-inch pedal

  • Simple and safe operation thanks to combined brake-inch pedal
  • Wear-free regulation of the working speed even at high engine speeds
  • Maximum working hydraulics even at low working speeds
Easy and quick coupling and uncoupling of attachments

Pressure relief 3. Steering committee

  • Quick and easy coupling and uncoupling of attachments with additional hydraulic functions while the engine is running
  • Convenient pressure relief thanks to optimally positioned button on the loading system
  • Saves time when changing hydraulically operated attachments
The Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e has 360° all-round visibility.

360° visibility

  • Excellent all-round visibility thanks to large glass areas and narrow cab pillars
  • Panoramic front window for an optimal view of the attachment
The Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e has an electric parking brake.

Electric parking brake

  • The parking brake is activated automatically as soon as the machine is stationary for a longer period of time or the operator leaves the seat.
  • The standard Hill-Hold function prevents the machine from unintentionally rolling back on slopes.
  • The parking brake can also be activated or deactivated manually via a switch.
The colour labelled switches of the small 5 series from Kramer.

Color-coded switches

  • Uniformed color scheme for hydraulic, electric, driving, and safety features
  • Increased safety due to minimized danger of mixing up switches
  • Operating concept that reaches across all models to simplify the handling of the fleet
The all-wheel steering of the 8 series from Kramer.

All-wheel steering

  • High stability even at full steering lock thanks to the undivided frame
  • Maximum maneuverability thanks to steering angles of up to 40° on both the front and rear axles
  • Consistent payload independent of the steering angle for constant leverage ratios
The front wheel steering of the 8 Series from Kramer.

Front axle steering

  • Safe and familiar road travel at high speed
  • Precise guidance of special attachments
  • Easy maneuvering in trailer mode
The display of the fully electric Kramer wheel loader KL25.5e and 5065e.

Digital color display

  • Clear presentation of all information on the central 3.5-inch color display.
  • Display of speed and charge situation and other parameters, such as remaining running time of the machine.
  • Additional information and machine settings possible in the sub menu.

Smart Attach (fully hydraulic quickhitch system)

  • Coupling of hydraulically driven attachments with the automatic connection of the hydraulic circuit, without the need to get out and in
  • Increased productivity as a result of cost and time savings
  • Attachments changed within seconds for full flexibility
  • Please note that the product range may vary depending on the country.

  • The technical data of the products may vary accordingly with the selection of different options.


The brochure of the small wheel and telescopic wheel loaders of Kramer.

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Brochure Rescue card

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PI Sheet KL25.5e

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