The Kramer wheel loader KL70.8 and KL70.8L while working on a farm.

Wheel loader KL70.8 - The high-performance flagship

Extreme manoeuvrability, off-road capability and high efficiency characterise the Kramer wheel loader KL70.8. The excellent all-round visibility ensures safety and productivity while working and the ergonomically designed control panels add extra comfort. With numerous equipment options such as those for the loading system or several attachments, KL70.8 is perfectly suited for your requirements.

Wheel loader KL70.8

Benefits at a glance

  • Hydraulics: Powerful working hydraulics with load sensing and a maximum of 180 l/min ensure the fastest possible working cycles
  • ecospeedPRO gearbox: A speed of up to 40 km/h with automatic speed regulation by the integrated Smart Driving
  • Traction: The switchable 100% differential lock in both axles is ideally suited for rough terrain
  • Engine: Powerful EU exhaust stage V Deutz engines with a maximum output of 115 kW (156 hp) 
  • Intelligent: Automatic functions such as the automatic bucket return system or the automatic air conditioning system take the strain off the driver


All-wheel steering

  • High stability even with full steering angle due to the undivided frame
  • Maximum maneuverability thanks to steering angles of up to 40° each on the front and rear axles
  • Constant payload independent of steering angle for constant lever ratios
A rendering of the Kramer wheel loader 8155 in a studio.

Entry and exit on both sides

  • Increased safety due to entry and exit on the side opposite direction of traffic
  • Increased flexibility with entry from both sides

EC tractor approval for public road transport

  • Use as towing vehicle with up to 20 t Trailer load
  • No restrictions regarding the load apart from the vehicle's own attachments
  • Road travel with attachments is possible in compliance with legal requirements
Road transport with mounted attachments is possible in compliance with the legal requirements.

Color-coded toggle switch for hydraulic, electric, driving and safety functions.

  • Quick operator familiarization when switching drivers
  • Increased safety, as the risk of mistakenly confusing switches is minimized
  • Cross-model operating concept for easy fleet management

7-inch LCD display showing all important operating data and machine settings. Operation is via the jog dial control.

  • Relevant machine data summarized at a glance on the display
  • Operation and setting of machine parameters simple and intuitive via the jog dial
  • Jog dial operation possible while driving
Relevant machine data summarised at a single glance on the display

Further Highlights

Optimum accessibility of all important components for checking the liquid levels

Easy maintenance access

  • Easy access to the engine compartment thanks to the wide-opening engine hood
  • Optimal accessibility of all important components for checking fill levels
  • Quick implementation of service work due to upright-mounted filters and additional maintenance openings
Less strain due to the automatic activation of the load stabiliser at high speeds

Load stabilizer with three operating modes

  • Protection through automatic activation of the load stabilizer at high speeds
  • Automatic deactivation at low speed for precise control of the loading system
  • Relieving the operator with the automatic function
The pedals in the footwell are not mounted on the ground.

Hanging pedals

  • Easy cleaning of the booth floor due to free space below the pedals
  • Increased operating comfort due to ergonomic arrangement of pedals
  • One-piece removable doormat facilitates cleaning
The suspended pedals with the combined brake-inch pedal allow for precise manoeuvring, even at high engine speed.

Combined brake-inch pedal

  • Simple and safe operation due to combined brake inching pedal
  • Wear-free control of the working speed even at high engine speed
  • Maximum working hydraulics even at low working speed
Easy coupling and uncoupling of attachments

Pressure release of 3rd control circuit

  • Easy and fast coupling and uncoupling of attachments with hydraulic auxiliary functions while the engine is running
  • Convenient performance of pressure relief due to optimally placed button on the loading unit
  • Time saving when changing hydraulically operated attachments
  • Please note that the product range may vary depending on the country.

  • The technical data of the products may vary accordingly with the selection of different options.


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