The Kramer high-speed gearbox

ecospeed is a continuously variable and hydrostatic high-speed gearbox co-developed by Kramer. It offers maximum efficiency in combination with the best possible environmental compatibility. The Kramer ecospeed high-speed gearbox optimizes the interaction between driving performance, tractive force, fuel consumption and emission values at every second. The transmission translates the situational requirements into fast and direct acceleration and smooth and agile direction changes. This provides for particularly high material handling performance with simultaneous resource conservation. A big plus for applications that occur day after day when loading and unloading lorries and also a gain in comfort and time that pays for itself from the beginning.

For our larger machines, we have further developed the ecospeed transmission. The ecospeedPRO transmission achieves higher tractive forces and travel speeds while retaining all the advantages of the ecospeed transmission in terms of compactness, energy efficiency and operator comfort. The increase in tractive and thrust forces is achieved by a larger design and thus a 39% larger displacement of the variable displacement motor (370 cm³). The ecospeedPRO drive system features the intelligent "Smart Driving" motor rpm reduction system as standard.

Higher tractive force


  • The ecospeedPRO transmission offers greater tractive force for this machine class than the previous ecospeed. This means that even higher thrust and tractive forces of up to 10 % can be achieved.
  • The machines are equipped with a powerful hydrostatic transmission as standard. Both the hydrostatic version and the ecospeedPRO version feature Smart Driving motor rpm reduction as standard.

Infinitely economical


  • The variable hydrostatic high-speed gearbox ecospeedPRO with 45° turning angle of the hydraulic motor was developed together with Kramer.
  • It impresses with maximum economic efficiency combined with the best possible environmental friendliness and excellent driving properties.



  • Thanks to the ecospeedPRO transmission, the speed and pushing power are continuously perfectly coordinated with each other. The new powerful transmission makes a continuous acceleration ability from 0 to 40 km/h possible without shifting gears.
  • This results in a comfortable uniform driving style, since no tractive force interruptions occur nor can shifting jerks be felt.