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The Kramer 5055e - in a vehicle class of its own

The Kramer 5055e

The first fully electric wheel loader

CO2 emissions, noise, and soot particles from diesel engines are a thing of the past—the Kramer 5055e is the first all-wheel-steered fully electric wheel loader. The new cost-efficient and emission-free electric drive enables work in buildings and noise-sensitive areas. The 5055e features a compact design and outstanding maneuverability thanks to all-wheel steering. An electric motor is built into the drive system which provides great performance and tractive force.

A second electric motor controls the work hydraulics. The right performance is delivered by the engine depending on the wheel loader requirements and its area of application. Kramer pays special attention to meeting customers' various needs and is able to offer a fully electric wheel loader with the same performance parameters as a diesel-powered vehicle.

The advantages at a glance

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The 5055e is an entirely unique product because it is the only electrically operated wheel loader with all-wheel steering in its size class available on the market.

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The increased initial investment costs will soon be outweighed by the significant savings made from reduced operating and maintenance costs compared to a diesel-operated vehicle..

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Improved working conditions
The 5055e enhances air quality, such as on landscaping sites, features lower noise emission levels and provides better working conditions (no noise pollution for operators and nearby residents)

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The highly tuned drive system makes it easy to maneuver the machine with precision.

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Stacking payload
Thanks to a stacking payload of 1,750 kg, it is now possible to transport stone pallets using an electrically operated wheel loader. Stone pallets had to be split up with all previous vehicles.

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Carbon footprint
The 5055e provides a range of ecological enhancements: significantly better CO2 emissions (electricity vs. diesel); reduction in carbon footprint

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Battery life
Depending on use, the batteries can hold a charge of up to 5 hours. It takes six to seven hours to charge with the option of intermittent top-ups.

5055e is the winner of the "Maskinentreprenörens Teknikpris 2017", Sweden

Swedish Technology Award 2017 for the 5055e

For the jury, it was important that Kramer not only presented a pure concept study, but also had a functioning, marketable eWheel loader in its product portfolio and was already supplying it. Moreover, according to the magazine "Maskinentreprenörens", there is no need to compromise on the 5055e, as the vehicle is on a par with a diesel-powered wheel loader.

5055e is the winner of the 2016 Bauma innovation award, Munich

Bauma innovation award 2016

Kramer was given an innovation award at Bauma 2016 for its electric wheel loader 5055e.With 43% of the votes, Kramer beat all the other nominees and thus received the award in the "machine" category.

New technology: tried and tested quality.

Thanks to the proven undivided chassis, Kramer wheel loaders are ultra stable in all conditions. Due to this special vehicle construction, there is no shift in the center of gravity due to steering movements. On the basis of the Ackermann steering, only the wheels move during steering. Thus, maximum payload and high stability is maintained even on full lock, and on uneven ground.

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