“Kramer secures the 5th generation” - the compact wheel loader KL14.5 with the Mayer family

(Pfullendorf/Hohentengen, November 2020) The Mayer family from Hagelsburg, a small hamlet in the Sigmaringen District, has had the new Kramer wheel loader KL14.5 as a field test machine since the beginning of August 2020. It is best suited to flexible and daily application in their agricultural operation.

The Mayer family has been farming on their farm in Hagelsburg for over four generations. They carry out work around the yard, as well as on their 90 hectare grasslands and 60 hectare arable land. To be able to manage the ambient temperature stable with around 80 dairy cows, a further two milkmaids, one apprentice or trainee, some seasonal help and the whole family are employed. Since August this year, Ernst Mayer, and chiefly the subsequent 5th generation, both of his children, have been the proud owners of a Kramer wheel loader. The KL14.5 is a true multi-talented tool, it is used flexibly in the yard and after three months and almost 200 operating hours has proven itself. “Kramer wheel loaders are the wheel loaders per se, if you want to buy yourself something, then make it a Kramer machine”, Ernst Mayer emphasised. The KL14.5 is put to flexible use on-site both in the private garden and also when collecting straw and loading it, supplying feed, handling operations and for moving and transporting within the tightest of spaces. The new KL14.5’s Kramer technology provides, above all, perfect performance, compact dimensions and a powerful application.

Comfortable and flexible work

The KL14.5 is a compact and extremely manoeuvrable wheel loader. With a width of just 1.26 metres and a height of a bit more than 2 metres, it is predestined for low stable entrances and tight passages, and is therefore an irreplaceable companion in agriculture. The machine has been built on an optimised frame concept, which enables great manoeuvrability whilst maintaining the stability. Additionally, the three steering modes provide a plus in terms of flexibility. The all-wheel steering as standard continues to favour maximum manoeuvrability and quick load cycles in the most confined spaces. This is complemented by the optional types of steering: front wheel and crab steering; which are available for the first time in this size class. Crab steering is perfectly suited for all works, e.g. manoeuvring in the most confined space or even parallel driving alongside a wall. This type of steering not only enables optimal reaching of obstacles, but when parallel it maintains the same working distance, thereby ensuring a limited risk for damage. The mechanical steering mode switch makes it quick and easy to switch between all-wheel, front-wheel and crab steering. The new wheel loader model KL14.5 is equipped with a 28.5 kilowatt / 38.8 HP Yanmar engine as standard and fulfils the emission stage V. The exhaust after-treatment occurs via DOC and DPF. Additionally, Smart Driving Pro is also optionally available for the all-wheel steer wheel loaders. This is a new feature with three different operating modes that support and relieve the operator in their respective applications, whilst being fuel-efficient. The optimal service access on the compact wheel loader division is through the wide opening on the engine hood, resulting in quick and easy maintenance access which sets an entirely new benchmark alongside the modern cab design. This ensures added value in terms of comfort and operating satisfaction, whereby functionality and ergonomics continue to remain at the forefront. Getting in and out of the cabin is convenient and above all, safe, thanks to the wide access with its additional step. The optionally available incline-adjustable steering column is likewise helpful and also enables the operator to individually adjust the steering wheel setting. Large glass areas in combination with redesigned viewing channels ensure optimal visibility of the attachment and an excellent all-round visibility. The generously designed window on the right-hand side can be comfortably opened by 180 degrees. In addition to this, the cabin door can also be opened as far and completely locked in. The side console, which has been redesigned from scratch contains several storage areas alongside a number of functional and ergonomic features. All of the important switches are within reach of the right hand.

Versatile application guaranteed

The familiar Kramer quick coupler system continues for efficient work when frequently changing attachments. The discharge volume of up to 30 litres per minute enables quick load cycles. The performance hydraulics Powerflow is also optionally available for equipment with a higher oil demand, e.g. mulcher, with up to 60 litres per minute for all attachments. The stable load arm with Z-kinematics, performed in the box section, achieves great lift and tear out forces. In addition to this, the visual position indicator for the bucket and fork is always helpful to the operator when frequently changing the attachments. The compact wheel loader is therefore ready for application as an all-rounder in the Mayer family yard - no matter whether with a bale fork, a pallet fork, a light-goods bucket, a bale grab or even the multi-service bucket. The new Kramer wheel loader KL14.5 is a versatile and powerful machine for the highest demands in agriculture.

“Within our family, we view the Kramer as a small friend and helper. It is exactly what you want if you are carrying out a day of flexible work in any type of weather”, Ernst Mayer summarised. Find out more about our dealer network here https://locations.kramer-online.com/