The Kramer 8180 wheel loader - a real all-rounder

(Pfullendorf/ Passy, April 2021) In the beginning of 2021, a Kramer 8180 wheel loader was delivered to the town hall of Passy. With the start of its working hours the machine has already made an impression in all its aspects.

The Kramer brand is synonymous with all-wheel steer loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers with extreme maneuverability, all-terrain mobility and high efficiency in material handling. With the wheel loader 8180 Kramer has introduced a new type of machine in the previous range of ROCHAT Jean François equipment because it’s absolutely versatile, efficient and sturdy. At the latest when the temperatures drop and the first snow falls, it's time to take care of winter maintenance. The 8-series of all-wheel steer machines, Kramer's premium series, is equipped with many details that focus on three central aspects: Performance, safety and comfort. Six wheel loaders (8085, 8095, 8105, 8115, 8155 and 8180) and three telescopic wheel loaders (8085T, 8095T and 8145T) ensure that customers and workers, as ROCHAT Jean François and his 50 employees, find the right machine for their needs. “This is the first time we have worked with a Kramer and we are absolutely happy. We save a lot of time and all of my employees would like to drive the machine daily”, underlines Mr. Jean François. Whether shoveling, spreading or pushing, the Kramer wheel loader 8180 can also replace several machines in winter operation and impress with its high efficiency and machine utilization. In addition, the compatibility with numerous attachments shortens work processes. In addition, the machine is equipped with chains on the tyres for even safer use in winter.

Safety and comfort

With the typical Kramer undivided frame and all-wheel steering, the models in the 8-series not only have enormous maneuverability, but also stability in every working situation. The Kramer wheel loaders are particularly stable both when driving over uneven terrain and when maneuvering large masses of snow at full steering angle. High maneuverability is provided by the all-wheel steering, which enables tight turning circles of only 2.840 mm, depending on the machine. In addition to the all-wheel steering, the 8-series wheel loaders have two other steering modes as standard: front wheel steering and crab steering. This provides even greater safety when driving at high speeds and makes maneuvering in the tightest of spaces particularly easy. In addition, the wheel loaders offer more comfort, ergonomics and functionality. The fully usable right-hand door, in combination with the adjustable or swiveling steering wheel and the pilot control console, ensures safe entry and exit from both sides, even from the side facing away from the traffic. An everyday situation is leaving the machine with the engine running. In addition, the optional automatic switch-off by means of a seat contact switch not only saves resources but also protects the environment. The excellent view of the attachment and the working environment, as well as the high level of operating comfort provided by the multifunction joystick with integrated armrest, also make every day work easier.

Flexible and powerful in operation

The new flagships of the 8-series are the wheel loaders 8155, 8180 and the telescopic wheel loader 8145T. With an operating weight of up to over 11 tones, stack payloads of more than 4 tones can be realized. The machines are also equipped with powerful load-sensing hydraulics, the innovative ecospeedPRO (optional) and a 100 kW Deutz TCD 3.6 engine. Optionally, these wheel and telescopic wheel loaders are available with the Deutz TCD 4.1 with 115 kW. Both engines comply with exhaust stage V. Like the other models in the 8-series, these machines find their optimal application in winter service. Whether it's daily snow clearance, feeding the salt stores or loading the gritting vehicles - the machines can be used flexibly here. Another advantage of the 8-series: the trailer coupling in combination with a tractor registration (both optional) makes every wheel and telescopic wheel loader the perfect towing machine. This means that work machines, tools, construction materials and attachments can also be transported to the job site on public roads - because in the municipalities, a lot is moved every day with Kramer!