A Kramer electric wheel loader for the hospital in Sterzing, Bolzano

The first all-electric wheel loader 5055e - in a class of its own

The health district of Brixen has selected Niederst├Ątter as the machine supplier for the care of the outdoor facility of the hospital in Sterzing, Bolzano. After testing the performance of the Kramer 5055 in recent years, the decision this year fell on the electric version of the same model. Because Kramer has recently expanded its offer for the first all-electric four-wheel loader. Thanks to its new electric drive, the 5055e not only eliminates CO2 emissions, it also reduces particulate emissions and noise.

With a new drive into the future

The installation of two electric motors, one for the service hydraulic system and one for the traction, makes it possible to adapt the power supply to the required tasks and to limit the maximum energy consumption. With regard to the use and loading of the wheel loader, the battery has a range of up to five hours at full load.

Low noise emission
In environments like hospitals, rest is an extremely important feature. The Kramer 5055e allows employees to carry out work such as clearing snow, which is also possible at night with the electric wheel loader, without disturbing the patients. The technical director of the hospital, Prof. Michael Blasbichler, confirmed that the maintenance work can be done around the clock, without disturbing the peace that has to be guaranteed to the patient.