The Kramer machines in gardening and landscaping

The wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders really bring their strengths of all-wheel steering and the undivided frame to bear in what are often difficult areas of operation, as the maneuverability of the machines is unsurpassed. With a steering angle of up to 2x40  degrees, they can get around any bend. In addition, the machine's stability is outstanding. Even when cornering and on uneven terrain, the vehicle remains stable. In addition, Kramer machines are extremely compact and can therefore be transported very easily.


Compact wheel loaders in gardening and landscaping

  • Up to 2 * 40 degrees steering angle
  • Stability
  • Maneuverability
  • Constant payload
  • Trailer transport
  • Flexible Smart Ballast weight (5050)

The 8 Series in gardening and landscaping

  • The flagships of the 8 Series ensure maximum performance with their well thought-out details and technical innovations. The wheel loaders of the 8 Series are also impressive when maneuvering large loads under full steering angle in the tightest of spaces. As a premium series, these offer added comfort, ergonomics and functionality for long daily working operations.
  • In addition, the 8-series machines can be used as the perfect towing vehicle thanks to the combination of ball hitch and tractor approval. Work machines, tools and landscaping materials can thus be optimally transported to the job site on public roads.

Telehandlers in gardening and landscaping

  • These efficient machines impress with their dynamic all-wheel drive, high payload and unbeatable maneuverability.
  • The comfortable cab offers modern design and optimized visibility, as well as ergonomically arranged controls and low vibration, so that nothing stands in the way of a long working day in gardening and landscaping.