Kramer machines for industry and recycling

Wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders for industry and recycling

Extremely robust
  • The wheel and telescopic wheel loaders of the Premium 8 series are true multi-talents and thus perfectly suited for use in industry and recycling.
  • With an operating weight of up to more than 11 tons, the two wheel loaders 8155 and 8180 as well as the telescopic wheel loader 8145T can handle stack payloads of more than 4 tons.
  • The powerful hydraulics, innovative drive system and powerful motor ensure that the machines can be used flexibly. Kramer wheel and telescopic wheel loaders can replace several machines and impress with their high cost efficiency and machine utilization.


Work equipment for the recycling industry

Kramer offers various additional options especially for the recycling industry to provide even better protection for the machines and the operator. A full protection package is available for the 8145T telescopic wheel loader. This includes wrap-around protection for the universal joint shaft, front and rear guards and a protective cover for the front main headlight. On telehandlers with payloads of 4.5 tons and above, front protection grille, underbody protection, drive train cover and dirt scraper for the telescopic arm are available.

Telehandlers for industry and recycling


  • These advantageous and flexible features make the models specialists for heavy loads, even in confined spaces.
  • Moreover, thanks to their telescopic loading system, the machines achieve an immense increase in load-over height, stacking height, dumping height and reach.