Impressively versatile

Our telehandlers are the perfect assistants. Whether stacking straw bales, loading material, or feeding animals, any job is taken care of quickly with our powerful all-rounder and a huge selection of attachments. In addition, the telehandlers can be supplemented with a whole range of additional outfitting options. In this way, the telehandlers can be customized to meet customer needs, making them extremely versatile in use.

Impressively sturdy

You can rely on the telehandlers in terms of sturdiness and durability. The load stabilizer for the telescopic arm makes a crucial contribution here. The lifting, tipping and telescopic cylinders are equipped with end position damping in order to absorb pressure spikes in the hydraulic system or fluctuations in the machine. In this way, the operator and machine are optimally protected from force impacts.

Impressively efficient

Equipped with many innovative details for sophisticated user demands, the telescopic loaders come with automatic bucket return, infinitely variable speed control and perfect all-round visibility. Smart Handling in particular with three modes for all requirements supports the end user in efficient, safe and comfortable operation, thus providing for precise material handling on your farm.

Did you know?

We offer machines with a stacking height of just under 10 meters and a payload of 3.6 tons and machines with a stacking height of approx. 9 meters and a payload of 5.5 tons.

Many of our models are equipped with a powerful Deutz engine. Our smallest model is operated with a Yanmar and the KT276 or the 2706 is equipped with a Kohler engine.

All our machines are equipped with a hydrostat. Infinitely variable drive system ensures sensitive work and high thrusting force.

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Brochure The compact telehandlers 1445/1445e/2205/2706


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Brochure Kramer telehandlers up to 9.50 m stacking height 3007/3507/4007/3610/4507/5507/5509


Brochure The compact telehandlers KT144/KT144e/KT276


Brochure Produktübersicht Product Overview


Brochure Kramer telehandlers up to 9.50 m stacking height KT356/KT307/KT357/KT407/KT3610/KT457/KT557/KT559