The compact KL14.5 while dumping out wood chips.

Technical Data

Bucket content (standard bucket) 0.36 m³
Operating weight 1,900 - 2,400 kg
Tipping load (standard bucket) 1,400 kg
Tipping load (pallet fork) 1,125 kg
Payload (max.) 700 kg
Payload (S=1.25) 900 kg
Thrusting force (max.) 1,160 daN
Lift capacity (max.) 11.6 kN
Tank capacity for fuel 48 l
Tank capacity for hydraulic oil 39 l
Guaranteed sound power level LwA 101 dB(A)
Measured sound power level LwA 99 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at the operator's ear             80 dB(A)
Work hydraulics discharge volume (max.) 30 l/min
Work hydraulics working pressure (max.) 240 bar
Steering angle max. 38 Grad
Drive output  28.5 kW
Drive output  38.8 PS
At max. rpm  2,600 U/min
Displacement  1,568 cm³
Engine manufacturer Yanmar
Exhaust after-treatment  DOC / DPF
Travel speed Standard 0-20 km/h
Travel speed Option 1 0-30 km/h
Kinematics type Z
  • Vibrations (Uncertainties of measurement as specified in ISO/TR 25398:2006. Please instruct or inform the operator of possible dangers caused by vibrations.):

    Vibration total value of the upper extremities of the body in m/s² < 2.5 m/s² (< 8.2 feet/s²) and maximum weighted average effective value of acceleration for the body in m/s² < 0.5 m/s² (< 1.64 feet/s²) (on flat and solid ground with the corresponding driving style) and 1.28 m/s² (4.19 feet/s²) (Application in extraction under harsh environmental conditions).