The Kramer wheel loader KL70.8 and KL70.8L while working on a farm.


A1 Total length 6,550 mm
B1 Wheel base center 2,620 mm
D5 Height with cab 3,060 mm
H1 Load-over height 3,520 mm
I1 Dumping height 2,695 mm
K1 Digging depth 150 mm
J1 Dumping width 1,172 mm
L1 Total width 2,500 mm
M1 Ground clearance 445 mm
O1 Steering angle 40 °
Q2 Dumping angle at ground level 45 °
P1 Swing angle 24 °
R1 Dumping angle at max. lifting height 45 °
Z1 Stacking height 3,605 mm
Y1 Bucket width 2,500 mm