The compact 5035 while loading wood chips.

Wheel Loader 5035 - Practical. Safe. Intelligent.

The 5035, from Kramer's compact class, is agile in its movement, dynamic in its power delivery and slim in its design. With its optimized power-to-weight ratio, low transport weight and consistently high payload, it is the ideal helper on construction sites in road building, civil engineering, horticulture and landscaping. With its dimensions, it is also predestined for low clearance heights and narrow passages. Due to a width of only 1.26 m, driving on a sidewalk is effortless. In addition, due to the low transport weight, the machine can also be transported on a car trailer and thus a quick transfer to different places of use is no problem.

Wheel Loader 5035

Benefits at a glance

  • Front axle and crab steering: The crabwalk not only enables the optimal reaching of the obstacles but also keeps the constant distance in parallel.
  • Comfortable cabin design: A wide entrance with additional step ensures comfortable and, above all, safe entry and exit.
  • Loading system with Z-kinematics: The Z-kinematics enable large lifting forces as well as tearing forces and exact parallel guidance over the entire height. The visual position indicator for attachments is ideal for inexperienced operators.
  • Openable cabin door: The generously designed window on the right side can be opened by 180 ° as usual. In addition to this, the cabin door can also be set up just so.
  • Ergonomics: The side console, redesigned from the ground up, contains numerous storage compartments in addition to many functional and ergonomic features. All important switches are located in the grip area of the right hand.<br /> 


All-wheel steering

  • High stability even with full steering angle thanks to the undivided frame
  • Maximum maneuverability thanks to steering angles of up to 40° on the front and rear axles
  • Steady payload regardless of steering angle for constant leverage ratios
A rendering of the Kramer wheel loader 8155 in a studio.

360° visibility

  • Excellent 360° visibility thanks to large glass panels and narrow cab pillars
  • Panoramic front windshield for an optimal view of the attachment
Kramer wheel loaders have 360° all-round visibility.

Low cabin

  • With a height of 2.02 m, optimal application in areas with restricted clearance
  • There is the option to have a canopy or closed cabin
Optimal use for limited passageways

Color-coded toggle switch for hydraulic, electric, driving and safety functions.

  • Quick operator familiarization when switching drivers
  • Increased safety, as the risk of mistakenly confusing switches is minimized
  • Cross-model operating concept for easy fleet management

Easy maintenance access

  • Easy access to the engine compartment thanks to the wide-opening engine hood
  • Optimal accessibility of all important components for checking fill levels
  • Quick implementation of service work due to upright-mounted filters and additional maintenance openings
Optimum accessibility of all important components for checking the liquid levels

Further Highlights

The suspended pedals with the combined brake-inch pedal allow for precise manoeuvring, even at high engine speed.

Combined brake inching pedal

  • Simple and safe operation with combined brake inching pedal
  • Wear-free control of the operating speed even at high engine speeds
  • Maximum work hydraulics even at low operating speeds
Quick coupling and uncoupling of attachments

Pressure release of 3rd control circuit

  • Quick and hassle-free coupling and uncoupling of attachments with auxiliary hydraulic functions while the engine is running
  • Convenient pressure release thanks to optimally placed pushbutton on the loading system
  • Saves time when changing hydraulically operated attachments
Less strain due to the automatic activation of the load stabiliser at high speeds

Load stabilizer with three operating modes

  • Load stabilizer automatically activated at high speeds to reduce wear and tear
  • Automatic deactivation at low speeds for precise control of the loading system
  • Relieving the operator with the automatic function
Comfortable feeling of space due to wide glass surfaces

Panoramic glazing

  • Optimum visibility over the entire stroke range
  • Pleasant feeling of space due to generous glass surfaces
  • Please note that the product range may vary depending on the country.

  • The technical data of the products may vary accordingly with the selection of different options.


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