The compact 5040 while transporting stones.


A1 Total length with standard attachment 4,090 mm
B1 Wheel base center 1,525 mm
C1 Rear overhang 1,140 mm
D2 Height with canopy down 2,020 mm
D3 Height with cab 2,170 mm
D4 Height with cab lowered 2,020 mm
D10 Total height with rotating beacon 2,490 mm
E1 Max. height blade pivot point 2,800 mm
F1 Load-over height 2,680 mm
G1 Dumping height 2,260 mm
H1 Dumping width 290 mm
I1 Digging depth 60 mm
J1 Total width 1,240 mm
J2 Track width 970 mm
K1 Ground clearance 220 mm
L1 Turning radius outer edge wheels 2,000 mm
M1 Steering angle 38 °
M2 Swing angle 14 °
N1 Dumping angle at max. lifting height 40 °
O1 Dumping angle at ground level 20 °
P1 Distance center front axle to tooth tip 1,430 mm
Q1 Bucket width 1,400 mm
R1 Stacking height 2,630 mm