The Kramer wheel loader 5085 while working with soil.

Wheel Loader 5085 - The down-to-earth all-rounder.

The 5085 5 Series is characterized by its ease of use and functionality. The efficient machine also impresses with its dynamic all-wheel drive, high payload and comparatively low operating weight. With the clearly laid out cab, nothing stands in the way of all-round visibility and even inexperienced drivers quickly find their way around with the simple operating concept. The compact dimensions allow maximum maneuverability, even in tight spaces.

Wheel Loader 5085

Benefits at a glance

  • Long loading system: An extended mast is available as an option, which makes the machine more flexible in terms of reach and pile height.
  • Ride comfort: The fully automatic load stabilizer dampens vibrations of the loading system or the load and enables a high level of driving comfort at higher speeds.
  • Time saving: The 5085 can reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h with the corresponding power option.
  • Exhaust gas stage V: Exhaust gas aftertreatment takes place through DOC and DPF.


360° all-round view

  • Excellent all-round visibility thanks to large glass surfaces and narrow cab pillars
  • Panoramic windshield for an optimum view of the attachment
Kramer wheel loaders have 360° all-round visibility.

Color-coded switches

  • Uniformed color scheme for hydraulic, electric, driving, and safety features
  • Increased safety due to minimized danger of mixing up switches
  • Operating concept that reaches across all models to simplify the handling of the fleet

Smart Attach (fully hydraulic quickhitch system)

  • Coupling of hydraulically driven attachments with the automatic connection of the hydraulic circuit, without the need to get out and in
  • Increased productivity as a result of cost and time savings
  • Attachments changed within seconds for full flexibility
Smart Attach of the 8 series from Kramer.

Easy maintenance access

  • Easy access to the engine compartment thanks to the wide-opening hood
  • Optimum accessibility of all important components for checking fill levels
  • Quick implementation of service work thanks to vertically mounted filters and additional maintenance openings
Easy access to the engine compartment

All-wheel steering

  • High stability even at full steering lock thanks to the undivided frame
  • Maximum maneuverability thanks to steering angles of up to 40° on both the front and rear axles
  • Consistent payload independent of the steering angle for constant leverage ratios
The all-wheel steering of the 8 series from Kramer.

Further Highlights

The suspended pedals with the combined brake-inch pedal allow for precise manoeuvring, even at high engine speed.

Combined brake-inch pedal

  • Simple and safe operation thanks to combined brake-inch pedal
  • Wear-free regulation of the working speed even at high engine speeds
  • Maximum working hydraulics even at low working speeds
Easy coupling and uncoupling of attachments

Pressure relief 3. Steering committee

  • Quick and easy coupling and uncoupling of attachments with additional hydraulic functions while the engine is running
  • Convenient pressure relief thanks to optimally positioned button on the loading system
  • Saves time when changing hydraulically operated attachments
The Kramer wheel loader 5085 while having a road trip.

Fast gear 30 km/h

  • Time savings due to higher final speed
  • Allows for quick transfer trips between nearby job sites
  • Stepless acceleration from 0 to 30 km/h
Relieve the driver through automatic function

Load stabilizer with three operating modes

  • Gentle operation thanks to automatic activation of the load stabilizer at high speeds
  • Automatic deactivation at low speed for precise control of the charging system
  • Relieving the operator with the automatic function
Comfortable feeling of space due to wide glass surfaces

Panoramic glazing

  • Optimum visibility over the entire lifting range
  • Pleasant feeling of space thanks to generous glass surfaces
The suspended pedals with the combined brake-inch pedal allow for precise manoeuvring, even at high engine speed.

Suspended pedals

  • Easy cleaning of the cabin floor due to free space underneath the pedals
  • Increased ease of use thanks to ergonomic pedal arrangement
  • One-piece, removable doormat makes cleaning easier
The front wheel steering of the 8 Series from Kramer.

Front axle steering

  • Safe and familiar road travel at high speed
  • Precise guidance of special attachments
  • Easy maneuvering in trailer mode
The crab steering of the 8 series from Kramer.

Crab steering

  • Easy maneuvering in confined spaces
  • Gentle driving on sensitive surfaces
  • Simple control in combination with special attachments
  • Please note that the product range may vary depending on the country.

  • The technical data of the products may vary accordingly with the selection of different options.


The Kramer wheel loader 5075, 5085 and 5095 in one brochure.


The product overview of the Kramer wheel loader, telescopic wheel loader an telehandler of the construction industry.

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PI Sheet 5085

PI Sheet 5085