The Kramer wheel loader 5085 while working with soil.

The Kramer 5085 and 8155 in royal application at the Hohenschwangau Castle

Royal performance by Kramer machines at the tourist attraction in Schwangau. (Pfullendorf/Hohenschwangau, October 2020) Hohenschwangau Castle’s history, the childhood residence of young King Ludwig II, stretches as far back as the 12th Century. At this time, the castle was occupied by knights and over the centuries, it has suffered serious damage. In 1832, Royal Prince Max, later King Max II, acquired the castle and had it converted to the modern-day Hohenschwangau Castle. The daily application of both of the Kramer wheel loaders: 5085 and 8155, ensures that tourists feel comfortable here on-site, and that they are able to discover the castle and its surrounding nature, while enjoying it to the max.