Two Kramer KT559 telehandlers – hard at work every day in Italy

In July 2021, the two Kramer KT559 telehandlers were delivered to Tre C, the largest plant of Gruppo Carli. From the moment they started working, these machines immediately established a reputation for being highly efficient and reliable in all areas.

The Kramer brand is synonymous with all wheel steer loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers that offer extreme manoeuvrability, stability and a high degree of efficiency in materials handling. With the KT559 telehandler, Kramer has introduced a new type of machine to the range of equipment hitherto employed by Mr. Flavio Carli, because this machine is highly versatile, efficient and sturdy. The family business has been cultivating, processing and selling quality forage since 1960 and is well-established with its 200 employees. The group’s own operations have been producing simple animal feed for three generations, mainly consisting of alfalfa and roughage in the form of bales or pellets. It provides the basic feed needs for all ruminants and herbivores. In an area of approx. 280,000 square meters, which includes the plant and the warehouse, it produces around 300,000 tons of products annually. With particularly quality-conscious regions – such as the Middle East, North Africa and the Far East – among their main markets, the Gruppo Carli products are known and respected throughout the world. Many years of relevant experience, entrepreneurial dynamism and technological innovations have resulted in considerable growth for this company in the Italian and international market. Processing is carried out using the latest agricultural technology, so that the natural properties are also retained in the end product. “In order to consistently meet these high standards, Gruppo Carli relies on their long-standing relationship with us as dealers for their tractors. It is all the more gratifying that you have also started to place your trust in Kramer machines this year,” Jonathan Raggi, Managing Director of the Kramer dealer Raggi SRL, points out.

The two KT559 telehandlers accomplish their daily tasks, which come with the most exacting demands with regard to the end results, and have already proven their worth after only a short time. With their ecospeedPRO transmission, they offer a perfect combination of maximum pushing power and a top speed of 40 km/h. Together, these two machines have by now already clocked around 1,600 hours and are mainly used for bale handling. In combination with the MX bale clamp, the KT559 is expected to move up to 200,000 bales per year. The weights they need to handle range from 400 kilograms for regular bales to 750 kilograms per bale for high-density bales. The vehicle is designed precisely for this high handling capacity – when it thrusts with the boom lowered, the shear forces are absorbed by the lateral support of the telescopic arm. And with the reversing fan, contamination of the ventilation grille is immediately counteracted during this operation. The 360° visibility is also a decisive criterion for telehandlers, and Kramer offers various options for optimising this 360° visibility. The FOPS protective grille is designed for ideal visibility, with the individual struts of the outer grille now curved to match the lens of the human eye. This enables an uninterrupted view of the attachment and thus safe, precise work – even with the telescopic arm extended. Another highlight is the larger maintenance cover for cleaning the radiator in the engine compartment – it is opened quickly and easily with just two screws and without the need for tools, and thus contributes to convenient and flexible working and cleaning of the KT559 in use at Carli.

After the bales have thus been highly compacted at the plant, they are sent directly to the entire world by trailer, truck or container. The Orient is one of the largest consumers, with their requirement for camel feed. But Gruppo Carli also supplies Korea, Vietnam, Japan and the whole of Europe. “The most important requirements for deciding to buy a Kramer telehandler of this size can be summarized in the following three points: its lift height of up to 9 meters and thereby the immense range, its longevity and above all, its good reputation. With Kramer and our dealer Raggi, we have always been able to count on on-site support, without serious breakdowns in the machines that we use every day. These two powerhouses are sturdy, reliable and resilient”, says Flavio Carli in summing up his initial experiences at his plant.

From the start, the toughest agricultural applications were the measure of all things in the development of Kramer telehandlers. The machines were consistently designed for robustness and reliability based on the expertise in wheel loader development. The Kramer KT559 Telehandler is thus a versatile, high-performance machine that meets the highest demands at the feed manufacturer Gruppo Carli in central Italy.


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