New generation 8-series wheel loader - efficiency starts now

Features, functions and comfort make driving the premium series by Kramer a one-of-a-kind driving experience. Efficient, fuel-saving and modern - this is how the features of the new wheel and telescopic wheel loaders of the 8-series (8085, 8095, 8105, 8115, 8085T and 8095T) can be summarised. Depending on the model, the bucket tipping loads move within a range of 3,650 – 4,250 kilograms.

As standard, all models have a Deutz engine with 55 kW / 75 hp; an engine with 74.4 kW / 100 hp is optionally available for the models 8105, 8115 and 8095T. The newly developed drive system provides four operating modes (Power, Eco, Road and CSD). Whether you are stacking, shovelling, moving, sweeping or milling - the right setting can be selected for any application to perform the work in the most efficient and fuel-saving manner. The load-independent flow distribution (LUDV) ensures equal distribution of the hydraulic oil to the individual control circuits. As a result, several functions can be simultaneously performed independent of the load, e.g. lifting, extending and tipping out. Even the cabin has been completely redesigned with two entries and exits on each cabin side. The fold-down armrest with a joystick and functional keys is mounted on the operator's seat and can be comfortably adjusted to the operator’s needs in a longitudinal direction. The optional 7-inch display opens a new world of machine settings and assistance systems. The joystick sensitivity or the oil volume of the 3rd control circuit can be adjusted using the jog dial. The operator can reduce the required steering rotations for the maximum steering angle using Smart Steering. This means greater productivity and quick manoeuvring, above all when working in Y-cycle. There are two cabin versions available for all machines of the 8-series. With the standard cabin you can achieve a compact vehicle height of 2.49 metres (2.69 metres for models 8115 and 8095T). With the panoramic cabin visibility is extended upwards, which is especially practical for working with telescopic wheel loaders. The innovative further development of the familiar quickhitch plate to the fully hydraulic quickhitch system ‘Smart Attach’, now installed as standard in the 8-series, provides more productivity, efficiency and safety. Hydraulically driven attachments can be coupled with ‘Smart Attach’ without getting in and out of the vehicle, as connection with the hydraulic circuit is automatic.