Smart Attach - Fully hydraulic quick change plate

Benefits of Smart Attach

  • Change attachments in seconds without manual coupling of hoses for hydraulic attachments.
  • 2.5 min x 10 coupling operations per day x 220 working days x 30 €/h = 2,750 € per year.
    (Calculation example: Savings per year with Smart Attach (2.5 min = time saved per attachment change compared to the standard Kramer "Standard" quick coupler).
  • Consistent performance values for overloading, stacking and dumping heights, as well as for stacking payload and bucket dumping load.
  • Simple operation: Hydraulic attachments are conveniently and safely coupled from the cab without having to get in and out.

Additional benefits

  • High functional reliability: Trouble-free coupling of attachments that have become hot in the sun and are under heavy pressure.
  • Environmental protection thanks to the prevention of oil leakage when coupling hydraulic attachments.
  • CE declaration of conformity for the machine and attachments.

Smart Attach

  • Full compatibility with both attachment and quickhitch systems. For greater productivity, efficiency and safety, Kramer offers two different quickhitch systems tailored to the specific application.
  • Since 1963, the Kramer quick change plate has been standard on our wheel and telescopic wheel loaders and remains one of the best and most effective systems available.

Smart Attach

  • The proven attachment is the basis for the ongoing development into the fully hydraulic quick coupler Smart Attach. The dimensions of both quickhitch systems are identical, so existing attachments can continue to be used.
  • Existing hydraulic attachments can also be converted to the new Smart Attach system.